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The Gil Turtle, also known as Gilgame, is an optional boss in Final Fantasy V. A deadly enemy in early levels, it can be found in two locations: the Gil Cave in Galuf's world, and the merged world's bonus dungeon the Sealed Temple's River of Souls as well as in the Cloister of the Dead. The latter locations are only present in the Game Boy Advance and the 2013 versions.



Despite being undead, Raise spells and items have no effect on Gil Turtle due to its Heavy status; it is instead weak to ice. Its attacks include Earthquake, which does heavy damage unless Float is cast, and Turtle, which hits two party members at one turn and can inflict confuse, old, and poison, similar to the Shield Dragon's Knock Silly (but with extra ailments). It will also cast Earthquake when defeated. The Death Sickle's instant death effect fully heals the Gil Turtle due to it being undead.

The Sealed Temple Gil Turtle will drop a Grand Helm.


A good strategy is to cast Float before the battle to dodge Gil Turtle's Earthquake spell at the end. Once the battle starts, casting Blink or Image helps dodge Gil Turtle's attacks, as well as summoning Golem as backup, in case Blink/Image wears off before the party has time to recast them. The player should cast Blink/Image and Golem regularly and sing the Bard's Requiem song, which harms the undead, and cast Blizzaga (especially from the Spellblade command). Level 3 Flare also works, if the party has it.

Another strategy consists of having a party composed of one Knight and three Bards. The Knight should wear Bone Mail and an Elven Mantle to boost evasion. The Bards need to be able to use Summon and Time Magic between them, so Golem can be summoned and Return can be cast, if needed. The Bards should be brought down to critical HP before facing the Gil Turtle so the Knight will cover for them while they use Requiem. The Knight can use Guard to tank physical attacks. With Counter, they would also respond with an attack of their own.

Due to a bug in the Pixel Remaster version, using any ability with a Drain-style effect that reverses effect on the Undead, regardless of whether it targets HP or MP—including the Drain spell, attacking (and missing) with a Blood Sword, using the Lance ability, and the Jitterbug or Mystery Waltz dances—will kill the Gil Turtle in one hit. A missed attack from a Blood Sword or a Drain spell will kill it without countering with Earthquake, while using Lance or either dance will cause it to still counter before dying. Using either method with a fast character, and/or a character using First Strike, will allow the player to defeat it quickly. The Blue Magic spell Vampire will not kill the Gil Turtle as its effect is not reversed on undead.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Gil Turtle from Final Fantasy V appears as an enemy in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


"Gil Turtle" (ギルガメ, Giru-game?) is a spoof of zeni-game which literally means "money turtle," usually refers to the cub of pond turtle. Gil replaces the "zeni" in the name of the animal because it is the currency in the Final Fantasy series. The name doubles as a play on Gilgamesh (ギルガメッシュ, Girugamesshu?), which starts with the same four syllables.

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