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Gil Toss, also known as GP Rain,[1][2] is an upgraded unique character ability for Setzer in Final Fantasy VI. When the Heiji's Jitte is equipped, Gill Toss replaces the Slot ability. Gil Toss allows Setzer to throw gil at an enemy for unblockable physical damage to all enemies, and the amount of gil thrown is based on Setzer's level.

Final Fantasy VI is the second Final Fantasy game in the series to have a Gil Toss ability after Zeninage in Final Fantasy V.


Gil Toss can be used by Setzer with Heiji's Jitte equipped, but also by Gogo if Gogo has both the Gil Toss ability and Heiji's Jitte equipped.


The amount of gil thrown by Gil Toss is:

Damage for Gil Toss is as follows:

When the ability is used by enemies, they will use the amount of gil they would drop instead of the party's gil. When used via the Mimic command, the command will still use up gil due to a bug.


Gil Toss is a powerful but costly ability for Setzer to use. Unlike most of Setzer's skills, especially the Slot command, it is notably more consistent in its effect and the damage dealt. The drawback for this is that throwing gil means expending funds that could otherwise be spent on expensive purchases, particularly in the Auction House. When gil is not an object, however, Gil Toss is a powerful ability.

Later on, Setzer can deal more damage with Master's Scroll and Fixed Dice. This combo not only likely deals more damage, but requires no investment in Setzer's stats belong those two pieces of equipment. Although Gil Toss is more consistent, it being dependent on Setzer's level and only being able to hit once a turn makes it an overall weaker ability.

Behind the scenes[]

Gil Toss references a popular series of Japanese novels from the 1930s about a policeman in the Edo period named Zenigata Heiji, who captured criminals by throwing coins at them. The concept has appeared in various forms of Japanese media, including anime, manga, and video games.