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FFVII Independent Materia Single Slot Gil Plus is an Independent Materia in Final Fantasy VII. When equipped, it doubles the amount of gil won from battle. Due to a glitch, the player always receives double money, even if the Materia was intended to give only x1.5 at level 1.


Gil Plus can be purchased in Gold Saucer's Wonder Square for 1,000 GP after Gold Saucer reopens on disc 2.


Level AP required Effect
1 0 Earn 2x amount of gil in battle.*(This is glitched, as the developers intended the Materia to only give x1.5 at this level.)
2 80000 Earn 2x amount of gil in battle.
3 150000 MASTER


Gil Plus doubles the amount of gil earned after winning a battle, helpful for gil farming. It is particularly useful against Trickplay, whose ability Gold Mountain boosts the amount of gil received after battle by 800 gil every time it is used. In the Northern Cave, many enemies drop a high amount of gil, making Gil Plus a great way to double this amount (however, there are no more shops as part of the story, but gil can also be used for the Coin command, which can be useful for the final battles). Gil Plus is also good to equip passively if the player has an extra Materia slot, and provides a small +1 Luck boost as well.

The main drawback of Gil Plus is that it is inefficient compared to other methods of gaining gil. Namely, Materia sells for its AP value, and when mastered, sell for significantly more. Selling a mastered All Materia, a simple Materia to master, will earn the player 1,400,000 gil quickly. This means it is often better to just equip characters with weapons or armor that provide Double or Triple AP to master Materia with the intention of selling it, alongside mastering Materia that the player wishes to max out for their abilities. The W-Item duplication bug also allows the player to duplicate and then sell expensive items. These methods make Gil Plus effectively redundant.

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