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The Gigas Hat is a high-ranked light armor headgear in Final Fantasy XII that boosts the wearer's magickal defense by 43 (Zodiac) or 38 (original), HP by 530, and—unusually for a light armor headgear—Magick Power by 2. It can thus be a good headgear for those who also use magick, such as for support healers.



In the original PlayStation 2 versions, the Gigas Hat is sold for 10,700 gil in Balfonheim Port after obtaining the Treaty-Blade. It can be rarely stolen from the Dead Bones in Barheim Passage, and from the Killer Mantis.

The Gigas Hat is made in the Bazaar set "Gigas Gear" by selling eight Prime Pelts (from some feline and canine enemies, e.g. Cerberus), seven Prime Tanned Hides (from a few enemies, e.g. Basilisk), and seven Dark Crystals (from numerous enemies, e.g. Tartarus).


In the updated Zodiac versions, the Gigas Hat is sold in Balfonheim Port after obtaining the Treaty-Blade. It is found in a treasure in Ridorana Cataract's Echoes from Time's Garden (75% chance to appear, 50% chance for gil, 50% chance the item treasure is the Gigas Hat without the Diamond Armlet equipped).

It is still the rare steal from the Dead Bones in Barheim Passage and the Killer Mantis, and is made in the bazaar set "Gigas Gear" with the same items as before.


The Gigas Hat is a high-ranked light armor hat, giving 43 or 38 magick resist depending on version, 530 HP, and 2 to Magick Power. In the original version where everyone can wear any equipment piece, the more expensive heavy armor helm, Dragon Helm, or the mystic hat Celebrant's Miter, may be preferable purchases if the player can stretch their funds to them, as the HP boost from light armor is not usually worth prioritizing over heavy armor that boosts Strength for physical attackers, or mystic armor that boosts Magick Power for spellcasters. Though the Gigas Hat boosts Magick Power as well, it falls short of what mystic hats give.

In the Zodiac versions, Machinist, Monk, Archer, and Shikari can equip the Gigas Hat, and so it is only useful to buy if the player has chosen these License Boards for their party. In The Zodiac Age, after fighting Belias, the player can choose two License Boards per party member, and so more party members can choose from the potentially more useful heavy and mystic armor sets. Gigas Hat's magick boost could be useful for a combination that is using magick, but does not unlock mystic gear, such as Knight-Shikari etc used as a support healer.

To make it in the bazaar, the player can procure the items for it fairly easily after getting access to the deeper reaches of Feywood, and fight Cerberi, Tartari and Basilisks, which appear in numbers in certain areas there. The earliest way to get it, however, is from a rare steal from the Dead Bones in the Barheim Passage; if the player is lucky, they could get one quite early and skip numerous light armor headgear in the process.


Gigas is a popular term for races of giants in fantasy games. Gigas is a Greek word meaning "giant", originally used to describe the race of Gigantes in Greek mythology and is used in the scientific name, as the specific epithet, of hundreds of species of animals and dozens of plant species to denote their size.