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Gigantuar is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the In the Drylands, It Rains Spines hunt.

Gigantuar is a recurring giant version of the cactuar from the Final Fantasy series. In Final Fantasy XV it also appears in fishing lures with the mustache familiar from the other series's entries with green, metal and gold versions.


Enormous cactuar that has spent many moons running around the entire world of Eos. It is said that the longer a cactuar runs, the more it grows. Some especially long-lived gigantaur have even surpassed adult humans in height. Because of its excessive size, however, the gigantaur is viewed by many as a threat and thus targeted by the Hunters.
Size: 8.36 ft. Weight: 536.3 lb.


In the Drylands, It Rains SpinesLongwythe Rest Area5
Red Hunt Icon
Gigantuar x3Longwythe Peak (Daytime)407,550 gil, Rainbow Pendant★★★



Gigantuar is weak to greatswords and machinery. When it leans forward it uses a needle attack that deal fixed damage for 1,000 HP. It may twirl around when standing on one leg to hit everyone around itself. Its attacks may inflict Confusion and Poison. It has a big jump/kick attack that can be blocked and parried, although the player must be very fast to pull it off. Gigantuar is fast and runs around the huntsground.


Confusion protection from accessories or food buffs is helpful. The player can point-warp onto the Longwythe Peak, and then look for the best chance to warp-strike; the further away from the player can strike, the bigger the damage multiplier. This will likely topple the gigantuar and make it briefly vulnerable; warp-striking with the Mace of the Fierce can be especially good at breaking them.


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