Gigantoad is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought throughout Duscae and Cleigne as a random encounter while it is raining, as well as during the sidequest The Professor's Protégé - Gigantoad. When it is raining, they will spawn "out of nowhere" and are quite loud so the player can hear them when they appear.

They appear in Timed Quests alongside hekatontoads on the following days of the month: 5 and 22. Defeating them yields 100 QP.

A Lv.31 gigantoad also appears in the Duscae Deathmatch and All-Star Monster Mayhem of the Totomostro when it rains. Its team name is Foppish Hoppers.

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

Abnormally large amphibian found all across Duscae. Although typically limited to living near bodies of water, the gigantoad is known to venture outside of its figurative comfort zone during downpours—much to the surprise of unsuspecting hikers.
Size: 22.57 ft. Weight: 27.65 t
The toad is one of the oldest denizens of Eos, dating back to the age of gods, and the gigantoad is among the eldest extant species. Its large organs can withstand the toxins of polluted waters, and its capacity to retain water can sustain it for days, even in desert conditions.
Size: 22.60 ft. Weight: 27.66 t

Stats[edit | edit source]


Timed Quest

Battle[edit | edit source]

Rolling attack.

Gigantoads spawn during rain unless during the Timed Quest. It can eject its elastic tongue to hit everything in front of it with incredible range. It can roll to crush those next to it. It is weak to polearms, machinery and ice.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

It is safest to attack gigantoads from behind with spears and machinery; this can also trigger blindside links. The player can dodge-roll to orient themselves better. Ice-elemental elemancy also works well, especially during the Timed Quest where things can get hectic with numerous toads lashing out their tongues at once. Ignis can bestow the ice element to Noctis's weapon with Enhancement, which also boosts the elemancy damage he can do. Ignis's Libra Elementia can also be used.

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