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The Gigan Toad is an enemy in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. They are usually found in Conall Curach and Veo Lu Sluice and have the rare drop of Toad Oil, which is used to craft the time resistant armors. It also can drop most of the universal random loot, like Rainbow Grapes and Alloy.

Stats Edit

Veo Lu Sluice

Conall Curach

Battle Edit

This monster is one of the simplest monsters in the game: a large toad with Ice elements. All in all, not much of a challenge, but the later versions have spells such as Blizzara which can prove hazardous to the player. The simplest way to defeat this monster is to use either Thundara or Fira repeatedly to stun lock or burn to death. Selkies should try to equip a Thunder on their ranged weapon, while Yukes can abuse their quick casting.

As usual, Lilties may have the hardest time, as they need to close in on the creature to do decent damage. Clavats can, as always, mimic either the Yuke or the Lilty strategy, or use their own stun lock with focus attacks.

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