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Gibbs: Fair enough, sir, but why'd it have to be here? Here of all places?
Deweg: A soldier doesn't complain about his post, Gibbs. Granted, it's hot... the city reeks of sweat... and I've sand in places sand has no right to be.
Gibbs complaining to Deweg about their posting in Nalbina.

Gibbs and Deweg are two non-player characters from Final Fantasy XII. They are two Archadian soldiers stationed near the Nalbina Fortress at the borders between Dalmasca and Nabradia.

Gibbs and Deweg were not named in the Japanese version, instead being referred to as officers of a junior and senior relationship. Gibbs and Deweg's names are word-plays on Biggs and Wedge from previous Final Fantasy installments.


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Gibbs and Deweg serve the Archadian Empire and have been stationed to guard the pass leading to Mosphoran Highwaste. They have been able to deter most travelers from entering the Highwaste from Nalbina, warning them of dangerous monsters traversing the area. Gibbs refers to Deweg as "sir".

Gibbs voices his concerns of guarding the post, ever since he heard their commanders have been sunk along with the Dreadnought Leviathan. Deweg reminds him an Imperial soldier never deserts his post, and the Empire does not look kindly on deserters, even going so far as to wonder if Gibbs wanted to serve in the front lines instead, which Gibbs quickly denies. Gibbs complains about being posted in Nalbina, and Deweg shares his complaints—among them the weather, the sands "in places where sand shouldn't be", and the stink of chocobos at Gurdy's chocobo stand at the fortress gates.

Deweg talks about the parader chocobos present during Vayne's appointment ceremony at Rabanastre, and reveals the chocobos were gifts from Gibbs's family. Gibbs comes from a family of generations-old quality chocobo breeders who live at the Tchita Downs, and has grown up with the stench of chocobos. When he traveled to Archades, women were put off by his chocobo stench and Gibbs had to invest a large amount of gil to buy a viera cologne that got rid of the smell. Gibbs never told anyone about his past since, especially to his wife, who ended up hiring July the streetear to find this out. When the party approach Gibbs riding a chocobo, he abandons his post without thinking, and Deweg has to chase after him. The duo are not seen again, thus allowing early access to the Mosphoran Highwaste.

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Biggs and Deweg block the path leading north to Mosphoran Highwaste from Nalbina Fortress until the events at Mt Bur-Omisace are finished as part of the story. They are part of the "July the Streetear" sidequest, which is available after the player obtains the Dawn Shard until defeating Judge Bergan at Mt Bur-Omisace.

If the player exits the Highwaste to Nalbina Fortress (having circumvented the blockade via Dalmasca Estersand), Gibbs and Deweg will stop them and wonder how they entered the Highwaste, and how they survived within it. They will call the player "boy" no matter who they have as the party leader. The pair asks if the party wants to enter Nalbina or go back, but if the player accepts, they will not let them through again.



Biggs and Wedge are a recurring running gag in the Final Fantasy series. They almost always appear as a duo, and are named after Star Wars characters, Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker's Red Squadron wingmen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.