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Giant bats are found in nearly every area of Vana'diel at many levels. These larger bats are trained by the Beastmen in Vana'diel to assist their masters.

These bats are unable to unload with the same fury and damage. They are, however, able to enfeeble their attackers, lowering a party's attacks and defense. Also unlike the trios, they are able to absorb both HP and MP from opponents, often prolonging the battle.

When defeated, these bats will typically drop wings and fangs, and some will drop blood or treasure chest keys.

Special attacks[]

  • Blood Drain: Single-target Drain.
  • Marrow Drain: Single-target MP Drain.
  • Soul Accretion: Absorbs several status effects. Only used by certain Notorious Monsters.
  • Subsonics: AoE Defense down.
  • Supersonics: AoE Accuracy down.
  • Ultrasonics: AoE Evasion down.