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Gi Nattak is a character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He appeared briefly in the original continuity as a boss but would be expanded upon, along with the Gi tribe as a whole, in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

In 1959, Gi Nattak led the Gi tribe into a siege on Cosmo Canyon. One of the canyon's guardians, Seto, single-handedly defended the canyon from the tribe's onslaught at the cost of his life, taking out Gi Nattak and his tribe.

Original continuity[]

In "In the Land of the Study of Planet Life", Bugenhagen led Seto's son, Nanaki, to the sealed off Cave of the Gi, where the spirits of the Gi tribe presided. Nanaki needed to undergo a trial to become the canyon's next guardian and learn the truth of his father's actions, whom Nanaki initially believed to be a coward who had abandoned his family and community. After facing numerous spirits of the Gi tribe, Nanaki was confronted by the spirit of Gi Nattak, whom he defeated with his help of his allies.

Remake continuity[]

In chapter 10, "Watcher of the Vale", to partake in his trial to become Cosmo Canyon's next guardian, Nanaki was to be accompanied by only one of his allies chosen by Bugenhagen, which happened to be Barret Wallace. Bugenhagen oversaw the trial as Nanaki and Barret navigated through the cave, fending off spirits of the Gi tribe. At the end of the cave, Gi Nattak confronted the duo and was defeated.

After Nanaki learned the truth of his father's last stand and gained a strengthened resolve, Gi Nattak appeared before him in a humanoid form. He led Nanaki and his friends further into a deeper part of the cave, explaining that the spirits of he and his tribe were unable to rest because they did not originate from the planet. For them to find respite, Nanaki's group must return to them their prized possession: the black materia, which was taken from them by the Cetra. Cloud Strife accepted Gi Nattak's request, primarily to keep it from falling into Sephiroth's hands, although he and his group did not believe the materia would be safe back in their possession, as the black materia had been infused with the Gi's desire for oblivion.


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Other appearances[]

Gi Nattak has made several appearances as a boss in various crossover games. He has made appearances in the following works within the greater series:

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF Gi Nattak

Gi Nattak appears as a boss.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]


Gi Nattak is a boss in the knight's path of the Final Fantasy VII event The Gold Saucer. He fights with a Soul Fire.

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]


Gi Nattak appears as an earth-elemental Warrior card, and grants the Earth Chaser ability.