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Ghosts of the Past is a time-limited event where Eald'narche from Final Fantasy XI can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events. (Kam'lanaut arrives from a Torsion)

  • Kam'lanaut: ...Have you been waiting here for me?
  • Eald'narche: I have something to ask of you. It won't take long.
  • Eald'narche: You needn't be so wary of me. I merely want you to pass my dimensional coordinates onto Materia's warriors.
  • Eald'narche: Since you're traveling with them, it should be no problem. Right?
  • Kam'lanaut: I wonder. It's not as if we trust each other.
  • Eald'narche: That matters not. I'm sure they'll take it.
  • Eald'narche: ...You think I want to see things for myself, don't you?
  • Eald'narche: You're right, but make no mistake. That is but a means to an end.
  • Eald'narche: To undo the failures of the past and make the right choices to obtain the future.
  • Kam'lanaut: What are you talking about?
  • Eald'narche: By using the principles of this world, I may be able to settle that time I cast you aside.
  • Kam'lanaut: ...What nonsense. The past cannot be changed.
  • Eald'narche: Think what you want. I suppose arguing here was inevitable.
  • Eald'narche: Give them my coordinates. Understood?

(Eald'narche disappears)

  • Kam'lanaut: Just what is he scheming...?
  • Kam'lanaut: Hmph... I suppose I'll do what he asks for now.
  • Kam'lanaut: I need only discern what to do once handing them these coordinates...

(Kam'lanaut appears before the party)

  • Firion: Kam'lanaut!?
  • Kam'lanaut: You worms need only listen.
  • Sabin: Listen to what?
  • Kam'lanaut: Take these.
  • Mog: Dimensional coordinates, kupo!?
  • Firion: But we've already got yours, Kam'lanaut.
  • Mog: ...These aren't Kam'lanaut's. They're Eald'narche's!
  • Sabin: Eald'narche!? You mean the one you betrayed...?
  • Kam'lanaut: He betrayed me first. And he asked me to give you those.
  • Kam'lanaut: Use them as you see fit. It is no concern of mine.
  • Firion: What is Eald'narche thinking...?
  • Kam'lanaut: He saw me lending you a hand...and decided to cooperate.
  • Sabin: Does he want to help for the same reason as you? To understand our motivations?
  • Kam'lanaut: You have a praiseworthy memory for a primate. Now you two can use each other.
  • Kam'lanaut: His strength is absolute. He will no doubt be a worthy comrade in battle.
  • Firion: But we can't trust him!
  • Kam'lanaut: Trust... Hmph. There is a chance he'll throw you away as easily as he did me.
  • Kam'lanaut: But for a moment, see how the scales balance.
  • Kam'lanaut: A great power like Eald'narche's against fragile sentiments like trust...
  • Kam'lanaut: Which will be more beneficial to you in the end?

(Kam'lanaut disappears)

  • Firion: ...Could it be he can't trust him, either?
  • Sabin: Let's talk with the others, Mog.
  • Mog: Right... We can't decide this on our own, kupo.
The Means to an End:
  • Eald'narche: So you didn't throw my coordinates away. Perhaps you fools are worthy of being saved after all.
  • Lion: We don't need your saving, thanks.
  • Eald'narche: No matter. I did not come here to discuss something so pedantic.
  • Eald'narche: I will be your ally. It will be to our mutual benefit.
  • Quistis: What made you change your mind? I thought we were enemies.
  • Eald'narche: Enemies...? I was merely cleaning up my brother's mess.
  • Eald'narche: One cannot create a fake Paradise. There was no need to make things worse than they were.
  • Eald'narche: As a result, we became enemies. That's all there is to it.
  • Edge: You want us to believe you, even though you tried to destroy Lion's world!?
  • Eald'narche: Destroy? I was trying to make a paradise for the chosen. It's the same as the gods of this world.
  • Lion: The same? How...?
  • Eald'narche: Then tell me: what's different? Not that I expect us to understand each other, but...
  • Eald'narche: Our goal is the same, isn't it?
  • Quistis: Goal? What do you mean?
  • Eald'narche: By using the principles of this world, we may be able to return to our respective homes without the help of the gods.
  • Edge: What!?
  • Kam'lanaut: (To fix the past, we must return to our world. I should have known Eald'narche would think that far ahead.)
  • Eald'narche: To that end, it became necessary for me to see things through your eyes.
  • Eald'narche: Returning home is your goal, is it not?
  • Eald'narche: So adding me to your ranks helps us both. Don't you agree?
  • Lion: ...Just because we have the same goal doesn't mean I'll work with you.
  • Lion: I saw the awful way you treated people... I can't imagine you would give up after that. I won't let that happen to Vana'diel again!
  • Eald'narche: How annoying... All I did was rid the world of its scum, and yet you say that!?
  • Eald'narche: I implore you to remember the favor we bestowed upon Jeuno instead.
  • Eald'narche: As long as you have value to me, I won't harm you. You can share in the profits of others.
  • Eald'narche: To simplify for you fools: I will let you know once I figure out a way to return to our home worlds.
  • Eald'narche: ...You won't be won over, you say? How about you? Your heart seems to be wavering.
  • Edge: That's true, but...I won't be so easily drawn in by you!
  • Quistis: Exactly. There's too great a risk in making you our ally.
  • Eald'narche: ...Hmph. Very well then.
  • Eald'narche: Let me tell you something interesting. Something Kam'lanaut hasn't even heard...
Ambition Revealed:
  • Eald'narche: There are some perculiar things occurring in this world.
  • Lion: Peculiar...things?
  • Eald'narche: Those who have died in our home worlds can be brought back here.
  • Eald'narche: The time you'd wish to return to varies before and after reclaiming your brilliance.
  • Eald'narche: Do you not think it strange? If we return to our original worlds, when do you think we will go back to?
  • Chelinka: You don't mean...
  • Yuri: We might be able to return to whatever time we want?
  • Galuf: Is that possible!?
  • Eald'narche: How perceptive of you. In this hypothesis, we can fix the mistakes of our past.
  • Kam'lanaut: (I see... So one could both return home and start over.)
  • Lion: I understand what you're thinking, but...we'll still stop you no matter how many times you try!
  • Yuri: Wait, Lion. I don't think that's it...
  • Yuri: If you go back home, you two might not have to fight. You'll return to different worlds.
  • Eald'narche: ...I see. I thought you knew something, but you speak from experience.
  • Eald'narche: Thanks to which, I have confirmed my hypothesis.
  • Eald'narche: It is as he says. To put it in simpleton's terms: there will be parallel worlds.
  • Eald'narche: You will each be given a fair chance to fix your past mistakes.
  • Eald'narche: What do you think?
  • Chelinka: But if you go back to that world, will you still hurt lots of people?
  • Eald'narche: And if I do?
  • Eald'narche: ...I see. We could not be allies, then. Despite how much I've explained...
  • Lion: If you can read our minds, you understand. We don't need your power.
  • Eald'narche: I know. But your understanding is pitifully shallow.
  • Eald'narche: You've been so focused on me that you haven't noticed the benefits for yourselves.
  • Lion: There's nothing I want to fix in my past. No matter what it is, it's made me who I am today.
  • Eald'narche: I wasn't talking about you. Or have you forgotten since coming here?
  • Eald'narche: If you do as I say, those who should have perished can still live.
  • Ignis: ...Do not underestimate us.
  • Eald'narche: Ahaha! Those eyes!
  • Eald'narche: But what about the others? If they knew of the possibility...
  • Eald'narche: I welcome you at any time. We can work together for a better future.

(Eald'narche and Kam'lanaut disappear)

  • Lion: If we can prevent some from dying, I want to save them, but...
  • Ignis: No. It's as you said. Everything in our pasts has made us who we are.
  • Lion: I thought about throwing away his coordinates, but...it wouldn't change anything.
  • Lion: And I can't just leave them here. Maybe I'll give them to Mog until my heart is ready...
  • Yuri: I think you should do what you want. Don't think you have to shoulder this alone.
  • Chelinka: I understand a little of how Eald'narche feels... But if lots of sacrifices need to be made, I'll do whatever it takes to stop him.
  • Lion: Yeah... Thank you, everyone.

  • Kam'lanaut: Do you really intend to do things over?
  • Eald'narche: Of course. And this time, everything will go according to plan.
  • Eald'narche: You understand what you must do, don't you? Do not betray my expectations.

(Eald'narche leaves)

  • Kam'lanaut: So that we do not fail this time...?
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Musical themes[edit | edit source]

  • "Eald'narche" plays in all waves excluding boss waves.
  • "Belief" plays in boss waves.
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