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A dragon-like Mirage with three heads, each of which spit a different type of flame. Its name is not, in fact, short for Greg the Huge Industrially Designed Roasting Apparatus, but you can call it Greg if you want. Somebody break out the marshmallows! Greg's here!

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Ghidra is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


Base statsEdit

Encounter stats Edit

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Location Formation
The Crystal Tower - Chamber of Fire and Water Bomb x4, Ghidra
EX Dungeon B - Area 4 Wind Toad, Ghidra Stack (Mindflayer, Ghidra), Kuza Beast Stack (Water Golem, Sistertuar, Kuza Beast)
EX Dungeon B - Area 4 Unicorn, Ghidra Stack (Wind Toad, Mindflayer, Ghidra)
EX Dungeon Z - Area 1 Ghidra Stack (Manticore, Lead Gnome, Ghidra)


Ghidra, also known as "King Ghidorah," is an enemy monster in the Godzilla series. Typically, Ghidra is Godzilla's fiercest opponent, and it usually fights against humanity.

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