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Ghidra (ハイドラ, Haidora?, lit. Hydra), also known as Aquaus, Greater Hydra, and Hydra, is a recurring enemy in the series.

This enemy often appears alongside Hydra whose Japanese name also literally translates to "Hydra". That Hydra's Japanese name is the Japanese name for the Hydra, more resembling the original Greek pronunciation. Ghidra's Japanese name derives from the English pronunciation of "Hydra". This also has a double meaning, as the first part of the name is pronounced the same as the word "high", which is why Ghidra appears as a stronger version of the Hydra.

Besides being stronger than Hyudora, Hydra casts Level 4 Quarter just before it dies. Unlike Hyudora, Hydra does not absorb Lightning damage and gain HP.


Final Fantasy VEdit

Ghidra is an enemy fought at Ronka Ruins alone and can also be fought in the battle with an Alchymia. It is a dangerous foe as it has Auto-Reflect and battles using Poison Breath and Lightning. It is the earliest that the Blue Magic spell, Level 4 Graviga, can be obtained, and it has the Killer Bow to steal (Ronka Ruins only). If caught by a Beastmaster's Catch ability, it will cast Earth Shaker when released (Earthquake if caught from the Alchymia battle).

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Ff14 hydra

The Hydra boss encountered in the trial "A Relic Reborn: The Hydra" uses the "Haidora" spelling usually reserved for Ghidra in the japanese localization, as does the Lesser Hydra enemy encountered in Azys Lla.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit


Ghidra is a stronger version of the Hydra, having Tri-Attack in addition to the Tri-Flame attack which can hit upwards to three times.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE Ghidra FFT Sprite
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Mobius Final FantasyEdit

MFF Ghidra
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World of Final FantasyEdit

WoFF Ghidra

Ghidra are a type of Mirage from the Dualizard group. They can be transfigured from a Bihydra after level 22 or switched to an Trihyde board after level 35.

Ghidra can be found in The Crystal Tower.


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The Hydra was one of the spawn of Echidna, a many-headed serpentine monstrosity in Ancient Greek mythology. It could breathe poison, and indeed its very blood was deadly. The Hydra was killed as one of Heracles's Twelve Labors.

Ghidra, also known as "King Ghidorah," is an enemy monster in the Godzilla series. Typically, Ghidra is Godzilla's fiercest opponent, and it usually fights against humanity.

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