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Ghelsba Outpost

Ghelsba Outpost is a dungeon area in Final Fantasy XI. It is a forward outpost for the Orc Legion of Quon in their fight against the Elvaan of the Kingdom of San d'Oria.

Location Edit

Ghelsba is located in the northwestern reaches of Ronfaure, dangerously close to the San'dorian capital. The area is very hilly, with a complex series of caves running through it. The perfect defensive landscape.

This vanguard outpost for the Orcish Empire is home to the Vilebloods, who are led by the merciless Warchief Vatgit. Only the most fearless, vicious, bloodthirsty Orcs are selected to be a part of the Warchief's ranks. Many knights travel to this area to engage the enemy, but never return home.

Connected Areas Edit

Ghelsba is connected to Ronfaure to the south, and the inner parts of the Orcish encampment, including Fort Ghelsba, and the caves of Yughott Grotto.

Enemies Edit

  • Cheiroptera (Lv.3-6)
Bat Trio
  • Spectacled Bats (Lv.1-5)
  • Toadstool (Lv.4-6)
  • Watch Lizard (Lv.3-5)
  • Orcish Fodder (Lv.3-9, WAR)
  • Orcish Grappler (Lv.3-9 MNK)
  • Orcish Grunt (Lv.11-15 DRG)
  • Orcish Mesmerizer (Lv.3-9 BLM)
  • Orcish Neckchopper (Lv.11-15 DRK)
  • Orcish Stonechucker (Lv.11-15 RNG)
Orcish Warmachine
  • Orcish Barricader (Lv.17-18)
    • Drops the Lantern Shield
  • Orcish Stonelauncher (Lv.8-10)
    • Drops the Hakenbuechse.
  • Orcish Wallbreacher (Lv.15-16)
    • Drops the Strike Baghnakhs.
  • Ghelsba Pugil (Lv.3-6)
  • Giant Pugil (Lv.11-13)
  • Puffer Pugil (Lv. 15-17)
    • Encountered while fishing.
  • Pug Pugil (Lv.7-9)
    • Encountered while fishing.
  • Pugil (Lv.3-5)
    • Encountered while fishing.

Notorious Monsters Edit


Thousandarm Deshglesh

Quest Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Carrion Dragon (Lv.?? Dragon)
    • Mirror, Mirror (Adventuring Fellow) [1]
  • Cyranuce M Cutauleon (Lv.40 Wyvern)
    • The Holy Crest (Unlocking Dragoon) [2]

Mission Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Save the Children, San'doria mission 1-3 [3]
    • Fodderchief Vokdek (Lv.8 WAR)
    • Strongarm Zodvad (Lv.6 RNG)
    • Sureshot Snatgat (Lv.6 RNG)
  • Mission 2-3, The Three Kingdoms (Winhurst), The Emissary (Bastok) [4] [5]
    • Warchief Vatgit (Lv.16 WAR)

Gallery Edit

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