Gessho is a character in Final Fantasy XI. He is a Yagudo Ninja, sent as a spy from the Far East. Aht Uhrgan is at war with his nation, and he is attempting to collect information about any secret weapons the Empire may have. Enlisting into Salaheem's Sentinels as a cover, he finds a friendly ear in the person of Trion, even though he has a much more diplomatic approach to things. He attempts to form an alliance with the Mamool Ja, believing that enemies of the Empire can cooperate together.

However, he soon finds their treatment of the peaceful citizens of Aht Uhrgan to be unnecessarily violent. His first encounter with Luzaf, during the investigation of the Black Coffin, has left him with doubts, and he therefore attempts a discussion with the Prince. Finding him to be a man of honor and dedication, he decides to collaborate with him. Flit's treachery almost makes an opponent of him, but he ends up realizing his duplicity.

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