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The Gerolt Masterworks is a set of equipment in Final Fantasy XIV. They were the products of the legendary blacksmith and armorer Gerolt. Though somewhat weathered with age, they are powerful gear that players may acquire with Allagan tomestones of Soldiery.


The armor is sold through Rowena's assistant Auriana in exchange for Allagan tomestones of soldiery. Each is generally intended for certain jobs, with a particular brand name and comes in a full set of armor and accessories (each piece sold individually).

  • Noct - Tanks (MRD, WAR, GLA, PLD)
  • Auroral - Archers (ARC, BRD) and Ninjas (Accessories only) (ROG, NIN)
  • Gloam - Monks (PGL, MNK) and Ninjas (Gear only) (ROG, NIN)
  • Astrum - Dragoons (LNC, DRG)
  • Daystar - Healers (CNJ, WHM, SCH)
  • Evenstar - Casters (THM, BLM, ACN, SMN)

Initially, each piece will be "Weathered" at item level 100. By taking them to Gerolt's apprentice Drake, he can refurbish them using Allagan catalysts known as Sands of Time for armor or Oil of Time for accessories


In addition to the armor, Gerolt had made a number of weapons:

  • Burtgang (PLD)
  • Glanzfaust (MNK)
  • Conquerer (WAR)
  • Liberator (DRG)
  • Rosenbogen (BRD)
  • Yagrush (WHM)
  • Laevateinn (BLM)
  • Book of Diamonds (SCH)
  • Book of Spades (SMN)
  • Vajras (NIN)

Unlike the armor, these weapons can only obtained with an Unidentified Allagan tomestone. These weapons can refurbished with Sands of Time.

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