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Gerald is a mercenary in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. To obtain him, beat the game at least once, then start a new game and have defeated 1,000 enemies, and then talk to him on the World Map. As with all of the mercenaries he has a boosted stat, his being Attack.

Gerald starts with the following abilities:

  • Sword Charge
  • Magic Stack 3


Race Gender Level Weapon Head Armor Body Armor Accessory
Clavat Male 12 Septentrio Blade Berserk Mask Royal Armor Guard Ring


Level HP MP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
Initial 177 135 255 142 42 29
99 514 448 999 331 216 203

Elemental ATK/DEF[]

Stat Fire Ice Thunder Stun Spacetime Dark
Attack 304 304 304 20 402 304
Defense 307 307 307 35 307 307


Gerald is of Old German origin, meaning "spear ruler" or "rule of the spear".