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A warrior who uses Geomancy to control powers lying dormant in the natural terrain.


Geomancer (called Elemental User in Japanese promotional materials) is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics. It is a balanced physical job but more defensive than most. Geomancer has the action ability Geomancy to bend the earth itself to attack and inflict an ailment to the targets within a certain range. It costs 2,870 JP to master.

In the War of the Lions, leveling Geomancer to level 2 along with separate level requirements for Archer and Thief will unlock Ninja; leveling to level 5 along with separate level requirements for Squire, Chemist, Summoner, Dragoon, and Orator unlocks Mime; while leveling it to level 5 along with Dragoon will unlock Dancer for females. Leveling to level 8 along with separate level requirements for Knight, Black Mage, Dragoon, Ninja, and Samurai, as well as getting 20 kills with the unit (defeated units must turn into chests or crystals to count), will unlock Dark Knight. The job level unlock requirements tend to be a little lower in the PlayStation version.


Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
WotL(War of the Lions): Lv. 4 Monk
PlayStation: Lv. 3 Monk
Swords, Axes Hats Clothes, Robes Yes
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
4 3 8 10% High High High High



Geomancer job command. Attacks with mystical powers drawn from the earth itself.


Geomancy is the Geomancer's command ability. Every tile in the battlefield is designated a specific type of terrain to determine which Geomancy ability will be used. If the user has not learned the Geomancy ability of the tile that they are standing on, the command Geomancy will be unavailable. The damage dealt by Geomancy is low, but they can inflict status effects.

The formula of the power of all Geomancy abilities are the same:

The chances of statuses with each attack is 25%.

Zodiac compatibility and elemental affinity affect the resultant damage, but Faith stat is irrelevant. This makes female units slightly better Geomancy users than males because females tend to have higher magickal AT scores. The advantages of Geomancy include 100% hit-rate, no charge time, no MP cost, 1 grid further casting range than most magick spells, and a chance of inflicting a status ailment. The Geomancy effect does not engulf its caster even if they are within the effect area. Despite the support ability Attack Boost that can be learned from Geomancer class, it does not boost the power of Geomancy abilities. Instead, Arcane Strength learned from Black Mage can slightly increase its power.

Name Range Effect Speed JP Needed
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage by opening rifts in space-time.
Terrain: Soil, Wasteland, Road
Effect: Immobilize
(Water Ball)
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of water.
Terrain: Canal, River, Lake, Ocean, Waterfall
Element: Water
Effect: Toad
(Hell's Ivy)
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of plants.
Terrain: Grassland, Underbrush, Vines
Effect: Stop
(Carve Model)
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of stone.
Terrain: Gravel, Flagstone, Stone Wall, Earthen Wall, Gravestone
Effect: Stone
(Local Quake)
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of rock.
Terrain: Stone Outcropping, Basalt
Element: Earth
Effect: Confuse
Wind Slash
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of air.
Terrain: Book, Tree, Brick, Bridge, Furnishings, Iron Plate, Moss, Coffin
Element: Wind
Effect: Disable
(Demon Fire)
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of the surrounding terrain.
Terrain: Wooden Floor, Carpet, Coffer, Stairs, Wooden Deck
Element: Fire
Effect: Sleep
Quicksand 5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of water.
Terrain: Marsh, Swamp, Poisonous Fen.
Element: Water
Effect: Doom
Sandstorm 5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of dust.
Terrain: Sand, Stalactite, Salt Flat
Element: Wind.
Effect: Blind
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of snow.
Terrain: Snow, Ice
Element: Ice
Effect: Silence
Wind Blast
(Gusty Wind)
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of wind.
Terrain: Roof, Chimney
Element: Wind
Effect: Slow
Magma Surge
(Lava Ball)
5 2 Now 150
A geomancy skill that inflicts damage with the power of magma.
Terrain: Lava, Machinery
Element: Fire
Effect: KO

Reaction abilities[]

Name Description Trigger JP Needed
Nature's Wrath
(Counter Flood)
Counterattack with a geomancy skill. Physical Attack, Geomancy 300

Support abilities[]

Attack Boost raises physical attack damage by 33%.

Name Description JP Needed
Attack Boost
(Attack UP)
Inflict greater damage with physical attacks. 400

Movement abilities[]

With Ignore Terrain, moving through clear water does not decrease movement range. It does not eliminate penalty when moving through swamps during a storm, or protect against the poison effect of Poisonous Fens.

Name Description JP Needed
Ignore Terrain
(Any Ground)
Move unimpeded through watery terrain. 220
Lava Walking
(Move on Lava)
Walk across and even stop on the surface of lava. 150

Terrain tiles[]

Terrain plays an important role in for Geomancer's abilities. The player can learn the type of terrain and its required Geomancy ability of the particular terrain when pressing Select after cancelling from the unit's command menu.

The only place to find the terrain "Road" is on the map called Main Street of Lesalia. Since the map cannot be accessed normally, the tile has been dummied out. Standing on the Road tile and selecting Geomancy will attack with the Sinkhole ability. The "Ice" tile is dummied out completely, and is not found on any maps.

Name Description Geomancy Walkable
(Natural Surface)
Ordinary earth. Sinkhole Yes
(Sand area)
Fine sand, dry to the touch. Sandstorm Yes
Stalactite Nature's work, wrought over millennia. Sandstorm Yes
Grassland Short grasses rise from the soil. Tanglevine Yes
A dense growth of thick grasses. Tanglevine Yes
Snow A world of silvered wonder. Snowstorm Yes
Stone Outcropping
(Rocky cliff)
An exposed length of rough stone. Tremor Yes
Gravel Countless stones cover the ground. Contortion Yes
Wasteland Desolate, windswept earth. Sinkhole Yes
A sodden bog. Quicksand Yes
Still waters cover the ground. Quicksand Yes
Poisonous Fen
(Poisoned marsh)
A stagnant pool of noisome water. Quicksand Yes
(Lava rocks)
Rock composed of cooled lava. Tremor Yes
Ice Fast-frozen ice. Snowstorm Yes
A man-made channel of water. Torrent Yes
River The water runs swift and clear. Torrent Yes
Lake No waves mar the lake's still surface. Torrent Yes
An expanse of boundless blue. Torrent Yes
Lava An inferno of unrelenting heat. Magma Surge Yes
Road A man-made thoroughfare. Sinkhole Yes
Wooden Floor A simple wooden floor. Will-o'-the-Wisp Yes
(Stone floor)
A floor of carefully shaped stones. Contortion Yes
Roof At its steepest, a treacherous place. Wind Blast Yes
Stone Wall A wall of square-cut stones. Contortion Yes
Sky Vertiginous void. None No
Darkness No ray of light penetrates the blackness. None No
Salt Flat
The bed of an ancient lake. Sandstorm Yes
Book Knowledge untold rests within. Wind Slash Yes
Prevents passage. None No
A carpet woven of thick wool. Will-o'-the-Wisp Yes
Tree A tree much like any other. Wind Slash No
A sturdy container formed of joined planks. Will-o'-the-Wisp Yes
Brick A building material surpassing stone in its hardness. Wind Slash Yes
Chimney No smoke rises from the lifeless structure. Wind Blast Yes
Earthen Wall
(Mud wall)
A wall of earth and mortar more fragile than it appears. Contortion Yes
Bridge A narrow path where advance and retreat are difficult. Potentially dangerous in battle. Wind Slash Yes
(Water plant)
The plants float gently on the water's face None No
Stairs Provides access to other floors. Will-o'-the-Wisp Yes
Ordinary trappings of a room. Wind Slash Yes
A living weave of infinite complexity. Tanglevine Yes
Wooden Deck
The boat's outermost deck. Will-o'-the-Wisp Yes
Curious sounds rise from within. Magma Surge Yes
Iron Plate This plate appears extremely thick. Wind Slash Yes
Moss Glows with a fey light. Wind Slash Yes
Silent memorial to the dead. Contortion Yes
Waterfall A tremendous curtain of water. Torrent Yes
Coffin The dead are best left undisturbed. Wind Slash Yes
Cross Section The cross section of a wall, pillar, or the like. None No



The Geomancer is a unique melee and magick hybrid fighter that can use different types of abilities depending on the terrain it is on. It has balanced attributes akin to the Knight, but with slightly lower physical attack in favor of slightly higher magick attack. Its Geomancy abilities have high range, are instant, cost no MP, and can inflict debilitating effects on their victims, but also have lower damage output than pure magic skillsets. Geomancer is one of the only jobs with access to water damage.

The Geomancer gets the most out of its skills by investing in abilities and equipment that improve its attributes. Its own Attack Boost support ability is great for it, as well is the Black Mage's Arcane Strength. It can also equip Squire's Fundaments as a secondary job command to use Focus to slowly increase its damage output through the fight.

The Geomancer tends to get outclassed by both magick and physical classes, since its damage output is lacking for both. Its Geomancy can be bit more effective when used by the Samurai, however, who boasts slightly better physical and magickal attributes. However, the Samurai cannot equip a Runeblade, Aegis Shield, and an Attack- or Magic Attack-boosting hat, which may allow the Geomancer to do more damage with its abilities than a Samurai. The equipment available to Geomancer is a strong asset that should not be overlooked.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Ability Cards
Legend Cards
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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Geomancer appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Water-elemental Backup and Forward cards.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Knights of the Crystals[]

Geomancer appears as a card in the Ivalice Special Arena has a limited-time special arena with eighteen floors.



Geomancy (Greek: γεωμαντεία, "earth divination") is a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand. Geomancy is derived from the roots geo- (Earth) and -mancy (prophecy). Geomancy was one of the original ways to translate Feng Shui, since it predicts things by the elements similar to astrology with the stars.

Its Japanese name, Fūsui or Fūsuishi (風水士), refers to the Chinese feng shui. Feng shui is the Chinese studying of the direction, geography and/or weather to calculate the individual's fortune who resides or works in that place. Bells are used in the craft as instruments to dispel negative energy and stimulate positive energy.