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Official artwork, Female Geomancer in Artifact Armor.

These arcane spellcasters harness the power of geomancy to strengthen allies, enervate enemies, and provide much-needed support to their parties. They assume many of the same support specialist roles corsairs and bards do, and while they may not pack as much offensive firepower as black mages, they can employ elemental magic with ease.

Official description

Geomancer is one of the jobs released in the expansion Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin.

Using their bells, Geomancers command the power of geomancy in the form of elemental attack magic and special magical fields called colures—emanations that emanate from a point and bolster allies or enfeeble enemies within their radius of effect. Indi-colures emanate from the body of the Geomancer him/herself, while Geo-colures emanate from special objects called luopans.

Becoming a Geomancer[]

The quest to become a Geomancer is undertaken at Western Adoulin. The player must speak with Sylvie to begin the quest "Dances With Luopans." While signing up, they will asked to retrieve a fistful of homeland soil and a petrified log. They must then find an Ergon Locus and there gather enough lifestream to warm their luopan.


Job abilities[]

Level Name
1 Bolster
5 Full Circle
25 Lasting Emanation
Ecliptic Attrition
40 Collimated Fervor
50 Life Cycle
60 Blaze of Glory
70 Dematerialize
Mending Halation
Radial Arcana
80 Theurgic Focus
90 Concentric Pulse
96 Widened Compass

Job traits[]

Level Name
10 Conserve MP
20 Clear Mind
25 Cardinal Chant
Conserve MP II
30 Max MP Boost
40 Clear Mind II
Conserve MP III
55 Elemental Celerity
Conserve MP IV
60 Clear Mind III
Max MP Boost II
70 Conserve MP V
Curative Recantation
Primordial Zeal
80 Clear Mind IV
85 Conserve MP VI
90 Max MP Boost III
99 Clear Mind V
Conserve MP VII

Spell list[]

Level Spell
1 Indi-Poison
4 Indi-Voidance
4 Stone
5 Geo-Poison
8 Geo-Voidance
9 Water
10 Indi-Precision
14 Aero
14 Geo-Precision
15 Drain
15 Indi-Regen
16 Indi-Attunement
19 Fire
19 Geo-Regen
20 Geo-Attunement
22 Indi-Focus
24 Blizzard
25 Stonera
26 Geo-Focus
28 Indi-Barrier
29 Thunder
30 Indi-Refresh
30 Aspir
30 Indi-CHR
30 Watera
32 Geo-Barrier
33 Indi-MND
34 Indi-Fury
34 Indi-INT
34 Geo-Refresh
34 Geo-CHR
34 Stone II
35 Aerora
35 Sleep
Level Spell
37 Geo-MND
38 Geo-Fury
38 Water II
39 Indi-AGI
40 Indi-Fend
40 Geo-INT
40 Fira
42 Aero II
42 Indi-VIT
43 Geo-AGI
44 Geo-Fend
45 Indi-DEX
45 Blizzara
46 Fire II
46 Indi-Acumen
46 Geo-VIT
48 Indi-STR
48 Indi-Slow
49 Geo-DEX
50 Blizzard II
50 Geo-Acumen
50 Thundara
52 Indi-Torpor
52 Geo-STR
52 Geo-Slow
54 Thunder II
56 Geo-Torpor
58 Indi-Slip
58 Stone III
61 Water III
62 Geo-Slip
64 Aero III
64 Indi-Languor
67 Fire III
Level Spell
68 Indi-Paralysis
68 Geo-Languor
70 Blizzard III
70 Indi-Vex
70 Sleep II
70 Stonera II
72 Geo-Paralysis
73 Thunder III
74 Geo-Vex
75 Watera II
76 Indi-Frailty
76 Stone IV
79 Water IV
80 Geo-Frailty
80 Aerora II
82 Aero IV
82 Indi-Wilt
85 Fira II
85 Fire IV
86 Geo-Wilt
88 Blizzard IV
88 Indi-Gravity
88 Indi-Malaise
90 Aspir II
90 Blizzara II
91 Thunder IV
92 Geo-Malaise
92 Geo-Gravity
93 Indi-Haste
94 Indi-Fade
95 Thundara II
97 Geo-Haste
98 Geo-Fade

Skill ratings[]

Combat Skill Rank Caps by Level
1 49 99
Club B+ 5 144 404
Staff C+ 5 139 378
Dagger C- 5 139 368
Evasion D 4 133 334
Parrying E 4 124 300
Magic Skill Rank Caps by Level
1 49 99
Elemental B+ 5 144 404
Enfeebling C+ 5 139 378
Dark C 5 139 373
Geomancy C 5 139 373
Handbell C 5 139 373



  • Geomantic debuffs cannot be resisted, and work in situations where debuffs from other jobs do not.
  • Geomancy effects stack together with other otherwise-identical status effects.
  • Geomancer has a huge variety of buffs and debuffs, including some that no other job gets.
  • Geomantic aura-type and sphere-type effects don't generate enmity.
  • Geomantic aura-type and sphere-type effects can affect any number of targets without weakening.
  • Geomancers can do some damage with magic in addition to supporting the party.


  • Geomancers have low survivability, owing to a lack of innate healing/defensive magic.
  • Luopans can't be moved once placed, severely cutting Geomancer's capabilities in highly mobile operations.
  • Luopans can be damaged and destroyed by area of effect attacks, though they can sometimes be healed or rendered immune to damage by the Geomancer's abilities.
  • If the Geomancer wishes to use Indi-spells to buff the front lines or debuff the enemy, it is necessary to stand within the monster's area attacking range, which puts the Geomancer in harm's way.
  • Geomancy spells have relatively high MP costs and long cast times.
  • Geomancer is forced to waste an equipment slot on their handbells, which currently offer no advantages beyond being necessary to allow them cast half of their geomancy. This also restricts Geomancer's functionality as a subjob, as the handbells are Geomancer-only, significantly weakening Indi- spells and disabling Geo- spells altogether.
  • Geomantic aura-type and sphere-type effects don't count towards performance evaluation in situations like Reives.
  • Rather high start-up gil cost to play—High level Geomancy magic has a very high cost from merchants, with few other ways of obtaining them.


Geomancer is too new to have a set of agreed-upon standard subjobs yet. However some jobs would seem to have characteristics that might recommend them as such.

Red Mage[]

Fast Cast, Magic Defense Bonus, Stoneskin, and Phalanx can all help keep a Geomancer alive. Convert and Refresh can help with Geomancers' MP problems. Finally, Magic Attack Bonus can help boost Geomancers' dark and elemental magics.


Sublimation, Dark Arts, and Parsimony can help with Geomancer's MP problems. Dark Arts can also help out Geomancer's dark magics a bit.



Geomancy (Greek: γεωμαντεία, "earth divination") is a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand. Geomancy is derived from the roots geo- (Earth) and -mancy (prophecy). Geomancy was one of the original ways to translate Feng Shui, since it predicts things by the elements similar to astrology with the stars.

Its Japanese name, Fūsui or Fūsuishi (風水士), refers to the Chinese feng shui. Feng shui is the Chinese studying of the direction, geography and/or weather to calculate the individual's fortune who resides or works in that place. Bells are used in the craft as instruments to dispel negative energy and stimulate positive energy.