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Stand and fight, SOLDIER 1st Class Zack!


Genesis is the final boss of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. After Zack Fair defeats Genesis Avatar in Banora Underground, Genesis, now fully cured of his degradation, attacks Zack with his magic-empowered rapier.



Genesis has a few powerful attacks, including Apocalypse, however, his normal Attack power is low for a final boss and, compared to the previous battle, is not a major threat, although Genesis is more agile this time, so landing critical hits will be more difficult.


The player should start the fight by casting Wall and Regen on Zack, continued with several sword attacks or Command Materia. At the start of the battle, Genesis will channel magic into his Rapier, and during this motion will be invincible, so rather than wasting attacks, one should try and use this time to flank Genesis and prepare to attack him from behind.



  • The final battle being against a human Genesis after already having defeated his more powerful form, is similar to Final Fantasy VII where Sephiroth's human form is fought in a one-on-one duel after having defeated Safer∙Sephiroth

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