Absorbs magic cast against Geneaux's body. Defeat tentacles first, then use magic attacks on the body. Tentacles have high magic defense, so physical attacks are the way to go.

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Geneaux's Tentacles are boss-parts in Final Fantasy X. They are the tentacles of Sinspawn Geneaux.



The tentacles intercept magic attacks cast upon Sinspawn Geneaux and will attack, inflicting the Poison status. Defeating the tentacles first will reveal a magic-vulnerable boss.


  • The tentacles have defined equipment drop abilities, but never actually drop equipment as their drop rate is set at 0%. The weapon abilities are Piercing (fixed; Auron/Kimahri only), all four elemental-strikes (with Ice and Water having higher drop chances), Str+3% (male characters and Rikku only) and Mag+3% (Yuna and Lulu only). The armor abilities are all four element wards, with Fire having a lower drop chance than the rest. The equipment can be either one (75%) or two (25%) slots, and one ability is rolled.

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