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Geddie Bach is a former clerical worker for the research and development division of Shinra Electric Power Company. He appears in Final Fantasy VII Remake: Picturing the Past, wherein the narrator looks into Geddie's whereabouts.


Geddie Bach was a clerical worker in Shinra's research and development division. Primarily, he was responsible for supervising who came and left the department. He also escorted Ifalna, a woman whom the company had captured due to her Cetra heritage, to experiments. Though he was not a scientist, Ifalna's daughter Aerith blamed him for her mother's injuries. Aerith would draw landscapes, believed by the company to point toward real-world mako reserves. At one point, Geddie was given a drawing of Mideel and told it was the clearest image Aerith had been able to see. Unbeknownst to him, the image had been described to Aerith by her playmate.

Geddie found the Shinra military alluring and considered enlisting. He made friends with Glen Reiner, Lilisa Meg, and Joann Liu, three military recruits. Glen and Joann joined the Special Survey Unit, a secret force tasked with finding the landscapes that Aerith drew. Lilisa threw a departure party for the two. While Joann stepped away, Geddie drugged their food with mako, inducing severe mako poisoning in Lilisa and Glen and minor illness in himself. When Joann returned, he blamed the drugging on Lilisa, who had begged Glen not to leave.

Geddie took Glen's identification and went on the SSU mission, telling Joann he wanted to accomplish Glen's dream in his stead. Rather than go to the assigned Cosmo Canyon, Geddie payed pilot Jack Klein to take him to Mideel. Geddie was later found by a Mideel villager suffering from intense mako poisoning. After some time recovering, he was airlifted to Shinra and given to the research department. Years later, Aerith's childhood playmate launched a personal investigation into Geddie's whereabouts and through Joann learned Geddie's story. Joann also revealed that Geddie, Glen, Lilisa, and others had appeared in Midgar after going missing, instinctively gathering in groups and wearing black robes, and tattooed with numbers. Aerith's playmate approached Geddie, but Geddie showed no recognition of him.