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Gav is a character in Final Fantasy XVI. He is a resident of Cid's Hideaway known for his skills as a scout and tracker. Cidolfus Telamon often sends him to gather information for their group's Bearer-liberating activities.


Gav was born the youngest sibling in a large family in the Northern Territories, and when his mother was pregnant with his younger sister, he was excited to finally be the big brother for a change. Just as his mother was giving birth, soldiers from the Holy Empire of Sanbreque raided his family's village and killed everyone. Gav only survived by hiding while his family was slaughtered, leaving him stricken with guilt for not doing anything to protect them. At some later point, he met Cidolfus Telamon, and joined him in his efforts to liberate Bearers, becoming his scout and confidant.

In the year 873, Cid sent Gav to the village of Lostwing where he and several other villagers were captured by the Royal Intelligencers of Waloed who were on an espionage mission in Sanbreque. Gav was rescued Cid and Cid's new "protege" Clive Rosfield when they came looking for him. Gav informed Cid that the Intelligencers were taking the village's Bearers and were looking for someone. Clive asked him if this person was a Dominant of Fire, but Gav did not know, claiming he was not holding a sign to identify himself. Cid sent Gav after the Intelligencers and their leader, Benedikta Harman, to find out where they were headed. He returned to report they had taken refuge in the Caer Norvent stronghold, and were keeping both the Dominant and the abducted Bearers there.

He later participated in the invasion of Waloed. While fighting off Akashic, he wondered Clive, Joshua, and Torgal's whereabouts due to Drake's Spine being destroyed. He also, alongside Dion and Jill, witnessed the emergence of the Mothercrystal Origin, swearing out of shock at what he witnessed.

During Clive's final battle with the god Ultimalius, Gav gave spiritual support to Clive, encouraging him with a "Howay" as the latter overpowers Ultimalius's Garuda Eikonic attack.

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FF16 Gav


Gav is a young man with slicked back blond hair, which he ties into small pony tails at the nape of his neck. He has green eyes and light facial hair. His attire consists of light leather armor to aid with his scouting operations and a moogle charm around his neck. During the attack on the hideaway by Hugo Kupka's forces, Gav's right eye is slashed out, leaving it permanently shut with a vertical scar running down his face.



Gav may be short for the Welsh name "Gavin". It is derived from the medieval name "Gawain", meaning "God send" or "white hawk".


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