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Gauntlet is Yuffie's first level 3 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It is a physical attack on all enemies that hits for 1.75 times Yuffie's normal damage, but ignores enemies' Defense stats when doing so and is always a critical hit, making it very potent. Using it six times unlocks Doom of the Living.

Gauntlet is performed by Yuffie launching a bomb at all enemies, which spins and emits rays of light towards the sky.


Gauntlet is obtained by Yuffie killing 64 enemies after she has Landscaper. To do this quickly, the large forest in the Nibel Area past Mt. Nibel has six enemies in a single wave (Battery Caps), and approximately 4.4 enemies appear per encounter. Yuffie can equip Magic Materia with All, or use Enemy Skill Materia abilities, such as Aqualung, to kill multiple enemies in one turn, as her average Magic stat gives her an ability to do this competently. Another way to achieve this is with Slash-All if Yuffie is being built towards physical damage.


Gauntlet hits all enemies for 1.75 times Yuffie's normal damage. Though this looks weaker than her other Limit Breaks on paper, the fact that Gauntlet ignores Defense makes it worthwhile, and it being a guaranteed critical hit will approximately double its damage. Additionally, there are no drawbacks to using it unlike with Landscaper. Gauntlet's damage is based on Yuffie's Strength stat and currently equipped weapon. Yuffie's stats are average across the board, making building her towards physical damage very viable, though in some cases, players will prefer to keep her Limit on level 1 for Clear Tranquil.

Until Yuffie has All Creation Gauntlet is her strongest Limit Break for hitting multiple targets. Using Gauntlet six times unlocks Doom of the Living, which is much better against single targets as its damage is spread over multiple hits. If players wish to keep Yuffie in Limit level 3 for access to Doom of the Living, Gauntlet remains a viable option against multiple targets unless the player raises Yuffie's damage potency high enough that Doom of the Living's damage approaches or reaches 9999 per hit, which makes it superior to Gauntlet even against groups.