Gaunt is an enemy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII found in Luxerion's graveyard and in the Dead Dunes' Temple Ruins. Its monster notes can be bought from the Warren in Luxerion.



Gaunt is a tough enemy for new players; while it is weak to Lightning, it resists magic. While it is tempting to use Sparkstrike, Gaunts are prone to counterattacking with a close-range attack that inflicts Curse, and following up with successive Aero spells, preventing the player from defending or retaliating.

Gaunts use Aerora, which can deal significant damage even when the player is blocking. They use Debrave to reduce the player's physical attack power. Sometimes, they can enter battle assisted with a Gremlin.


Gaunts are fast and difficult. The best way to fight it is to maintain distance while bombarding it with Lightning-elemental spells. Staggering it inflicts it with Curse, allowing the player interrupt its attacks. Another alternative is using debuffs such as Poison and Deshell. The accessory Stormbane Choker, which reduces Wind damage, can be obtained within the graveyard area.

Luxerion's graveyard must be visited to progress the Luxerion Main Quest, and therefore, some battles with Gaunts may be unavoidable.



Gaunt means "lean and haggard, especially because of suffering, hunger, or age."

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