Gau's father is a minor character in Final Fantasy VI. He is the father of Gau, his identity revealed during the World of Ruin. He is a crazy old man who lives alone in a remote shack.

He will only speak if the player is in front of him; trying to speak to him on the left side, right side, or behind will only make him look at the player character briefly before looking front.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Gau's father is an older man with white hair and mustache. He wears a blue hat and a blue coat, brown trousers and shoes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Gau's father is known for his insanity. When his wife died after giving birth, he believed that the baby was a demon child. Since then he has forgotten ever having been married, believing the past he remembers glimpses of to be but a dream he once had. Gau's father lives alone and thinks all his visitors are repairmen. He is not malicious, but endures a lonely existence in a never-ending delusion.

Story[edit | edit source]

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The trauma of losing his wife and the birth of Gau, whom he saw as a demon child, drove Gau's father insane. An old woman in Nikeah's pub says that she helped deliver Gau thirteen years ago, and expresses sadness that he was thrown out onto the Veldt, believing him to be dead.

Gau's father lives north of the Veldt, and seems to think all his visitors are repairmen of some kind. If the party visits him in the World of Ruin with Gau and Sabin in the party, the party becomes inspired to dress Gau up in fine clothes to present him to his father as his long lost son. Gau's father remains oblivious and regales his warped version of the events surrounding Gau's birth.

By his father's account, Gau's mother died in labor, giving birth to "a demon child". Terrified, Gau's father carried the child to the Veldt and abandoned him there, fleeing in terror. However, Gau's father believes this to be a dream: he does not recognize Gau as his son, and seems to have forgotten he was ever married. He claims to still have nightmares about the "demon child", but compliments the well-dressed Gau on being a fine man. An angered Sabin tries to hit him only for Gau to block him and take the hit instead. Outside, Sabin apologizes to Gau, but Gau is nonetheless happy that his father is alive.

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