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Gau's father's house is a location in Final Fantasy VI located north of the Veldt. Inside lives Gau's father, who is insane. He thinks that anyone who enters the house is the repairman and asks him or her to fix his appliances.

Story Edit


Gau's father meets the party (iOS/Android/PC).

After falling off a raft on the Lethe River, Sabin washes ashore near Gau's father's house. The assassin for hire Shadow is with his dog, Interceptor, near the home, and offers to accompany Sabin to help him traverse the Imperial Camp to the south to get to Doma. There is a traveling merchant who stops by here on a chocobo.

If the party returns to the house in the World of Ruin with Sabin and Gau, Sabin tells Gau he believes the man living here is the latter's father. The party visits Jidoor where the party teaches Gau proper manners and dresses him in fine clothing before presenting him to his father. Gau's father recounts his twisted version of how he remembers Gau's birth, believing it to be a dream, but Gau is happy his father is alive nonetheless.

Shops Edit

Items sold by the Peddler.

Item Price
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Tent 1,200 gil
Shuriken 30 gil
Invisible Scroll 200 gil
Shadow Scroll 400 gil
Plumed Hat 250 gil
Sprint Shoes 1,500 gil

Enemies Edit

World of Balance
World of Ruin

Musical themes Edit

"What?" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI - What

The background theme that plays at Gau's father house is called "What?".

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