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Gau's father, referred to as Aged Man in dialogue, is a minor character in Final Fantasy VI. He is Gau's father who abandoned him on the Veldt when his wife died in childbirth. The trauma of these events evidently drove him mad, and he believes he never had a wife or son. Living alone north of Doma, he is avoided by most who regard him as an insane but harmless old man.



Gau's father uses the same generic sprite as most "old man"-type NPCs. He wears a blue coat over white clothing, a blue hat, and has white hair with a long beard.


Gau's father is entirely insane and detached from reality. He mistakes the party for a repairmen whenever they visit and give them instructions to repair various things around his home. He believes that he never had a wife or son and they were merely a dream he once had, but he becomes irate when the topic of children is brought up and threaten to throw Sabin "out onto the Veldt, too", showing he retains an emotional response to the idea. When Sabin later tries to explain to him that Gau is his son, the man becomes briefly lucid and talks candidly about having his "dream", but still regards it as only a dream.


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When Gau was born, his mother died in childbirth, and his father abandoned him on the Veldt. The man came to live north of Doma and degenerated into an eccentric, crazed old man. He came to believe he had never been married and had no son, regarding the events as a dream in which a "demon child" killed his wife, and he fled to the Veldt with it. The story was known the people of Nikeah and Mobliz, and they assumed that the baby the man abandoned died.

In the World of Ruin, Sabin concludes the crazy old man is Gau's father, and the party dresses Gau in fine clothes and teaches him table manners before taking him to see him. When Sabin presents Gau to him, the man denies having a son and relates the story of his dream about a demon child. However, he compliments Gau on being a fine young man. A frustrated Sabin makes to strike the man, but Gau stops him and leaves. Sabin apologizes to Gau for his error, but Gau is happy to know his father is alive regardless of his condition.

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When spoken to repeatedly in the World of Balance, the old man will give strange instructions to the party to fix things around his house. If the party inspects the stove, they will get burned and the old man will mention kids, making himself angry and the party leaves his house when he threatens to throw them out.

In the World of Ruin, if the party speaks to the old man with both Gau and Sabin in the party, it initiates a scene of the party dressing up Gau and teaching him table manners before introducing him to his father.