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Young Crusaders gather round, we'll beat Sin into the ground!

Gatta, after the defeat of Lord Ochu

Gatta is a non-player character from Final Fantasy X. He is a member of the Crusaders in Spira.


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FFX HD Gatta Crusader

Gatta tells Tidus about the Crusaders.

He is a young Crusader of Spira, and friend of Luzzu, whom he looks up to as a mentor. Gatta assisted in Operation Mi'ihen but was mainly restricted to preparation and messenger duties due to his inexperience. He expresses feelings of impatience and wants to see action during the battle. Because of this, Tidus can advise Gatta and, depending on the player's choice, decide the fates of Gatta and Luzzu.

Gatta's Death

Gatta's death.

If the player talks to Gatta twice and agrees with him that his place should be on the front lines, Gatta is killed during Operation Mi'ihen. In any other situation, Luzzu is killed. In the event that Gatta fought on the front lines, his body can be found on the beach and must be interacted with to progress. He will slump over to the side indicating his passing. If the player chooses for Gatta to stay behind and defend the command center, he'll be on the beach, freaking out over the aftermath of Operation Mi'ihen. Later, he can be found sitting beside the Djose Temple when the party passes through. If spoken to, he says that he found Luzzu's body torn in half. He mentions there is nothing left for him in the Crusaders so he will travel back to Besaid.

After gaining control of the airship, Yuna and her guardians can return to Besaid and find either Gatta or Luzzu training a new group of Crusaders, ever vigilant in the face of Sin. In the game's ending, either Gatta or Luzzu is seen in among the cheering Besaid villagers, depending on which one survived.

Gatta is absent from Final Fantasy X-2.

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Gatta is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in Japanese version and Adam Paul in the English version.



Gatta means "female cat" in Italian.


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