D012FF Gateway

Gateway seen in one of beginning FMVs of Dissidia 012's storyline.

The Gateway is an important aspect of gameplay in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. They are placed corresponding to the locations of the original Final Fantasy.


According to Report 15, the Gateways appeared as a result of Shinryu opening the door to the Rift in this world. The Gateways themselves are openings through the Rift to other realms, influenced by the memories of warriors of both Chaos and Cosmos, explaining why the interiors of the Gateways take on the form of areas from the homeworlds of the warriors. Cid of the Lufaine writes in his reports that "some among the summoned" took control of the Gateways – likely the Warriors of Chaos, given their ability to move freely in and out of them, and appear deep within them, waiting for their foes to pass through to battle.

During the course of the cycles, they act as obstacles to the traveling Warriors of Cosmos, who are forced to pass through them and clear the Stigma of Chaos or other insignia within in order to proceed through areas.


Gateways take the place of the tiled boards that dominated the gameplay of Dissidia Final Fantasy. They serve as "dungeons" in the world map, generally placed between locations, forcing the player to go through them before carrying on to the next spot. A gateway may be entered from the world map by pressing X when standing next to it.

While similar in appearance to the game boards of the previous game's story mode, the gateways function significantly differently. Characters themselves now appear on the boards and move between tiles by dashing, rather than having a game-piece-like render simply shifting position. Movement no longer has a cost, and Destiny Points have been replaced by KP, which can be acquired by completing a requirement given in each Gateway, and can be multiplied by performing chains, either by battling adjacent pieces or by using Chain Skills.

Treasure Chests and Potions still appear, as well as new "Emblems" that change battle stats and Assist characters who offer dialogue when interacted with. Interacting with a Stigma of Chaos, a Chaos Piece, a Cosmos Piece, or an Enigma Piece will allow you to exit the Gateway back to the World Map.

Some Gateways have multiple floors, which are accessed through each Stigma of Chaos. These multilevel dungeons are generally tougher than normal gateways, and often award free skills in various chests and have a Phoenix Down on some floors to revive fallen party members. In Main Scenario 000: Confessions of the Creator, completing each of the various multifloor dungeons for the first time awards an accomplishment.

Type of GatewaysEdit

Red GatewaysEdit

D012 Red Gateway

A red gateway.

Red gateways are corrupted by the power of the Warriors of Chaos and are surrounded by a dark aura. The player cannot pass the gateway on the world map without entering it and purifying it by fighting through the enemies inside and reaching the end piece. After the end piece is reached the red crest shatters, turning the gateway into an empty gateway and allowing the player to pass through it at will.

In Confessions of the Creator, after red gateways are cleared they become blue instead of vanishing.

Blue GatewaysEdit

D012 Blue Gateway

A blue gateway.

Gateways in blue are bonus dungeons which can be entered at will and are not cleared when exited, allow them to be entered multiple times. Blue gateways do not have bonus lines, and in storylines aside from Confessions of the Creator, the end piece is accessible without fighting any enemies. Because of this, characters often remark in-game that blue gateways are an opportune chance to train within the storyline. Unlike red gateways, the player can pass through blue gateways freely on the world map.

Closed GatewaysEdit

D012 Sealed Gateway

A closed gateway.

These gateways are enclosed with iron bars in order to prevent the player from passing into that area. The status of closed gateways thus changes between chapters to allow or deny characters access to different parts of the same region of the world map.

"Empty" GatewaysEdit

These gateways don't serve any role other than being an element of the world's landscape while empty. Empty gateways can become closed gateways in other chapters, and red gateways become empty gateways upon completion. Many blue gateways are shown as empty gateways in storylines where they are inactive.

Gateway OverviewEdit

Dissidia 012 Gateways

Gateway P1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 E P2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 E C3
Forsaken Kingdom4 x x x
Gateway to Departure4 x x
North Sanctuary Gateway4 x x
Gateway of Good and Evil4 x x
Beyond the Continent4 x x
Pravoka Gateway4 x
Dried River Gateway4 x
Gateway of the Damned4 x x x
Gateway to the Shore4 x x
Southern Lufenia Gateway x8 x8 x4 x4
Sunken Lake Gateway5 x x
Hidden Darkness Gateway5 x x x x
Gateway of Fools and Hope5 x x
End of Isolation Gateway5 x x
Sage's Path5 x x
Legendary Lake Gateway5 x x x
Encounters and Treason5 x x x x
Gulg Gateway5 x x x x
Crescent Lake Gateway5 x x x
Gateway of True Intent x5 x6
Gateway of the Great Will6 x x x x
Ryukahn Gateway6 x x x x x
Gateway of Melting Snows6 x x x
Solitude and Treachery6 x
Frozen Continent6 x x x
Snow of Sorrow6 x x x
Land of the Stolen Crown6 x
Seasonless Gateway x6 x7
Great Forest Gateway7 x
Omen of Destruction7 x x
Gateway to Decay7 x x
Gateway to the Shrine7 x x x
Southern Shrine Gateway7 x x
North Melmond Gateway7 x x
West Melmond Gateway7 x x
Chasm in the Rotting Land7 x
Curses and Hopes of Yore7 x
Northern Lufenia Gateway8 x
Forgotten Trail8 x x
The Flowing Spring8 x
Eastern Mirage Gateway8 x x
Dreams of a Flying Castle8 x
The Forsaken Lands8 x
Northern Mirage Gateway9 x
Gateway to a Micro Desert9 x x x
Gateway of Trials9 x
Conquered Trials Gateway9 x x
The Dragon King's Gateway9 x
Conflicting Virtues x10 x9
Gateway of Sullen Eyes10 x x x
Inherited Memories10 x x x x x
The Gateway of Wails10 x x
Gateway of Artificial Life10 x x x x
Gateway of Lost Innocence10 x x
Recurring Tragedy10 x x
To a Foreign World10 x x x
Confinement and Flight10 x x x
Gateway of Infernos10 x x
Pervasive Sorrow10 x x x
Solitary Salvation10 x x
Edge of Discord10 x x
  1. Treachery of the Gods (Prologue/Chapter 1-7/Epilogue)
  2. Light to All (Prologue/Chapter 1-10/Epilogue)
  3. Confessions of the Creator
  4. inside Cornelia Plains territory
  5. inside Ancient Volcano Ring - Gulg territory
  6. inside Elven Snowfields territory
  7. inside Melmond Fens territory
  8. inside Mirage Sandsea territory
  9. inside Bahamut Isles territory
  10. inside Land of Discord territory
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