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Gateau Shockalot is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0 fought in the seventh Expert Trial. It is a member of the Electric Flan enemy family.


Battle Edit

Gataeu Shockalots, much like Electric Flan, absorb lightning and resist physical attacks. Like all flan, they lunge at their opponents and there is a Killsight chance when dodging the lunging flan, and then hitting them right after.

Strategy Edit

Because flan resist physical damage, only the strongest cadets, Cinque and Jack, are likely to do any decent damage with normal attacks. Magic (outside of Thunder magic) works well and will likely kill the flan in one hit. Approaching them and enticing them to lunge and then dodging to open the Killsight chance is also a quick way to deal with them.

Etymology Edit

Gateau is French for "cake".

Related enemies Edit

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