Gaskin (ガスキン, Gasukin?) is a helpful character in On the Way to a Smile "Episode: Denzel". He is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki in the OVA.

Story[edit | edit source]

Oh, bloody hell! Same as this lot. 'Oh, I didn't know', or 'I thought I'd be safe' they said.

Gaskin to Denzel during the vague evacuation details.

After Ruvie died and Denzel was once again alone, Gaskin drove by in a truck and told him to cheer up. He asked Denzel why he was not evacuating, and Denzel said he did not watch the TV, and Gaskin made a sarcastic and disrespectful remark about the people who did not evacuate. When he asked about his parents, Denzel pointed out that Ruvie was inside. They buried her in her backyard, and Gaskin was surprised at how thick the soil was in her yard, considering they were on the Sector 5 Midgar plate.

Later, when Denzel picked up a chocobo bag belonging to a dead girl who had been a victim of Geostigma, and found cookies and chocolate, Gaskin pointed out that he should eat the food, since even though people spread rumors that the virus could be picked up by physical contact, it was just what they were saying, and if any of them were to die, it might as well be on a full stomach.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

It is unclear what his original job was, but in "Episode: Denzel", he serves as a guide to the people evacuating Midgar after Meteor was destroyed by the Lifestream, and later gathered colleagues to help the bury victims of the early cases of Geostigma. After the number of people leaving the upper plate decreased, he and his colleagues moved on to the construction of the new city called Edge.

Death[edit | edit source]

While Gaskin announced that he was moving on to help the completion of Edge, someone noticed he had been rubbing his chest while he was talking, and asked if he was alright. Gaskin said, "Not quite", and unfastened his coat to find his shirt stained pitch black from the Geostigma. He died a month later from the effects of the disease.

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