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Garula is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in the plains of Duscae as regular enemies and during Hunts. It is based on the enemy of the same name from Final Fantasy V. Wild garula are some of the few benign enemies in the game, and will only attack if provoked. They sometimes cross the road at creature crossings.

They are also fought in Timed Quests alongside garulessa on the following days of the month: 7, 20 and 29. Defeating them yields 50 QP.

A triad of Lv.12 garula also appears in the Duscae Deathmatch and All-Star Monster Mayhem of the Totomostro. Their team name is Alstor Long Noses.

Jumbo Tusk: Garula fishing lure is fashioned after this enemy. There is also a bag of garula dung fertilizer in a wagon in Lestallum.


Large quadrupedal mammal that forms herds around a matriarch. Although this gentle giant can be found all across Eos, it resides mainly in the plains of Duscae. Gentle by nature, the Garula only attacks when provoked.
Size: 15.68 ft. Weight: 9.21 t
Garula that got separated from its herd. A life of solitude has hardened this once gentle giant's heart. Although most garula will reunite with their original herds after a period of grazing solo, these loners are known to occasionally form new herds with other outsiders.
Size: 15.88 ft. Weight: 9.52 t


Reign TriumphantCoernix Station - Alstor4
Red Hunt Icon.png
Garulessa x1, Garula x5Alstor Slough (Daytime)325,280 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Galloping GarulasCoernix Station - Alstor1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Green Garula x3, Garula x3Alstor Slough (Daytime)122,010 gil, Hi-Elixir★★





Garula in battle.

Garula appear during daytime and do not attack unless provoked. When angered, they charge at the party, knocking the player down if not dodged. Their tusks can be broken off. They are weak to greatswords, firearms and the fire element. They are not difficult enemies to defeat, and are an easy source of meat for camping.


When grouped together, the player can easily target them with fire-elemental elemancy. Getting behind them is usually easy and attacking their backsides with greatswords can trigger powerful blindside links. The player can also character-swap to Gladiolus, who wields a greatsword and can also better withstand the garulas' charge without being knocked down.

Other appearances[]

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV[]

A King's Tale FFXV Garula.png

Garulas are docile, but are easily startled and will aggressively charge at Regis if he gets too close. Garulas are the only enemies in the game that do not have to be defeated to progress as they will flee off-screen after charging.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto[]

"My Furry Friend".

A garula appears in an Archive Highlight. There is a quest to protect a garula that is being attacked by monsters.

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