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The queen of storms, Garuda is the chosen primal of the Ixal.
Though elegant of form and graceful in motion, the capricious and ruthless nature of this bloodthirsty being engenders mindless terror even amongst her devoted worshippers. Her wrath often erupts without warning, and descends upon her victims with unbridled fury.

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Garuda is the primal of the Ixal beast-tribes in Final Fantasy XIV, also known as the Lady of the Vortex (嵐神, Ranshin?, lit. Storm Goddess). She is encountered as a boss a number of times in both Legacy and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


Final Fantasy XIV legacy[]

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Following the Garlean raid on the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, the adventurer stays at the Church of Saint Adama Landama with Father Iliud and "Marques." Alphinaud Leveilleur arrives explaining his intent to revive the Scions, due to Garuda being summoned. Recognizing Marques as an amnesiac Cid nan Garlond, he beseeches them to go find Cid's airship Enterprise to confront the primal.

Following the a lengthy investigation in Coerthas to uncover where the Enterprise went missing—getting involved in Ishgard's politics in the process—the trio returns to the ship to Gridania for repairs. Realizing that the vortex Garuda summoned is probably too dangerous, Cid suggests looking for corrupted crystals to counter the primal's defenses, and suggests asking Professor Lamberteint. Once the appropriate crystals are found, Cid pilots the airship into the Howling Eye where the primal awaits.

The Ixal had taken several Amalj'aa and kobolds, while the Lady of the Vortex engages the adventurer in a battle. Just as victory seems at hand, the deranged goddess is revived by the fervent faith of the Ixali. Though she normally prefers outright destruction, she resorts to attempting to enthrall the adventurer, failing as the echo causes a wind crystal to be forcefully removed instead.

...Is that all? IS THAT ALL!? Insolent mortal! I shall make you suffer! That foul stench... I see now... She has touched you! Very well...


Gaius van Baelsar appears, taunting the primal. Enraged by the "insolent mortal", she uses the power of wind to torture and kill the Ixal's hostages, and Ifrit and Titan appear in retribution. She intends to overwhelm and absorb the two to increase her power, but the Imperial Legatus reveals his trump card: the Ultima Weapon. The warmachine takes down the three primals and absorbs them, ending by biting off Garuda's head.

After the Ultima Weapon is destroyed during Operation Archon, the Ixali waste no time in summoning the Lady of the Vortex again. Using an Aetheryte set up in Natalan, the adventurer returns to the Howling Eye and banishes the primal.

The Ixali are not deterred, however, and summon Garuda once again, seeking an even more powerful version of their avatar to protect them. This time, however, her power is augmented through the machinations of the Ascians. Even so, the adventurer manages to defeat her once more, finding the ritual focus in the process and rousing suspicions about the Ascians' involvement.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

The Ixali attempt to summon Garuda once more in their homeland of Xelphatol, which the Warriors of Darkness intend to take advantage of for their plans. Due to the intervention of Alphinaud Leveilleur and the Warrior of Light, however, the ritual is halted before its completion.



Garuda is fought as a boss three times at The Howling Eye The Howling Eye: first time in the main scenario, then in a Hard version of a sidequest, and finally an optional Extreme battle. While the latter two versions are fought at level 50 with a full party of eight, the initial storyline fight is at level 44, with four players.

The Howling Eye (Hard) The Howling Eye (Hard) is required to restore a Relic Weapon, and the later main scenario quests starting from "Before the Fall" require it—along with The Navel (Hard) The Navel (Hard) and The Bowl of Embers (Hard) The Bowl of Embers (Hard)—to have been previously completed.

Completing The Howling Eye (Extreme) The Howling Eye (Extreme) is optional, and grants the achievement "Gone with the Wind" and "Mightier than the Vortex," the latter requiring a party of 8 blue mages, synced at level 50, and the echo turned off.

Garuda also appears as a mechanic in the fight against the Ultima Weapon, which uses her along with Titan and Ifrit to perform combination attacks. In both fights, she is the first primal to be ejected from the Weapon. She also appears during the last boss fight at Xelphatol Xelphatol to perform similar mechanics to her boss fight.


The Summoner job can summon Garuda-Egi as a ranged pet. It is unlocked along in the level 45 job quest "Austerities of Wind," upon defeating the Egi, who replaces Emerald Carbuncle.

Musical themes[]

Garuda's boss theme is "Fallen Angel".

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XV[]


Garuda appears as a boss in the Final Fantasy XV x Final Fantasy XIV collaboration mission "Adventurer from Another World".

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Garuda FFXIV.png

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

PrimalGaruda TCG.png

Garuda appears with a wind-elemental card.

Triple Triad[]

387a Garuda.png

Garuda appears on a Triple Triad card in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.



Garuda is a large, birdlike creature that appears in both Hinduism and Buddhism. It serves as Lord Vishnu's mount and is the Hindu name for the constellation Aquila. Contemporary representations of Garuda are the brahminy kite and phoenix.