FFXII wiki icon Template:FFXII Enemies The Garuda-Egi is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII. It is found in only one location: the Paramina Rift. The Garuda-Egi is one of two enemies to drop the White Incense loot (with the correct monograph), used to acquire the Cat-ear Hood, the other being the rare game Imdugud by poaching. Garuda-Egi is a flying enemy, so the party must use ranged weapons, magick, or Telekinesis Technick.

Bestiary Entry

Paramina rift

Garuda-Egi in battle.

Genus: Avion
Class: Diver

Page 1: Observations

Being the legendary foe of the wyrms, as told in 'The Legend of the Dragoons'. Living atop only the highest peaks, they feed primarily on serpents. Natural philosophers have confirmed the existence of two kinds: the garuda, whose glimmering gold wings distinguish it as original stock, and the garuda-egi, whose wings have lost their brilliant luster. Many are the cultures that regard these creatures as gods for their auspicious appearance.


Page 2: On the Extraction of Elements

Now, it is generally held that the sun has an affinity for fire. However, according to those natural philosophers who have studied white incense, the sun's allegiance lies not with the flame, but with holy power. This, of course, discredits the theory that the sun is but a large, fiery sphere, and has led wiser men to suggest that the sun is indeed a holy object, to which flame has clung: a base light yearning for a higher power.


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