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Freedom through Technology.

Garlond Ironworks motto

The Garlond Ironworks is a faction of engineers in Final Fantasy XIV. They are a collective of both Eorzea's brightest minds and former citizens of the Garlean Empire working together alongside the city-states in the war against Garlemald. Their motto being "freedom through technology" as they do not study and manufacture any thing that can be used for tyranny's gain.


Run by none other than Cid Garlond, the Ironworks deals heavily in Garlean technology—otherwise known as Magitek. They craft everything from armor to weapons, boat engines, and even airships—all in an effort to arm the nations of Eorzea with the technology to stand against the mighty empire. As of late, Garlemald has been found hiring mercenaries to infiltrate Eorzean lands in an effort to assassinate Garlean citizens fleeing the empire to join the Ironworks.

During the events of A Realm Reborn, Cid set up a new workshop in Revenant's Toll. Due to his absence while assisting the Sons of Saint Coinach in investigating the Crystal Tower, his deputy president Jessie has taken over day-to-day operations of the company. Under her management, Garlond Ironworks began expanding operations and made a deal with Rowena to supply magitek gear to adventurers.

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