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Garik Ronso

Garik Ronso is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X-2. He is a mighty Ronso warrior who lives on the slopes of Mt. Gagazet with the rest of his brethren. He is faced as an optional boss and can be recruited as a party member through the Creature Creator system in the HD Remaster version.

Garik also made a small appearance in Final Fantasy X, Selling weapons and items to the player after the cutscene at the first visit to Mt.Gagazet and disappeared after player have defeated Seymour Flux.



Garik is a Ronso with the signature blue fur. He has dark hair and beard, yellow eyes and a tall horn jutting from his forehead. He wears a yellow necklace and matching clothed fastened around his waist with a belt. He has forearm and calf guards, held in place by red straps.


Garik is filled with vengeance and hatred towards the Guado due to Seymour Guado's past actions. Depending on how Yuna talks to the Ronso in the first two chapters, Garik will either come to believe that he's too weak to face the Guado, or finally realize that he was wrong in wanting to kill them. Garik is unsure what path he should walk, and thus seeks guidance from Elder Kimahri. When Kimahri has no answer, Garik gets angry and refuses to call him an elder. Though Garik initially believes that he should solve all his problems alone, Kimahri reminds him that he's not alone—the Ronso are a tribe, even if each member is to find their own path in life. After Garik accepts Kimahri as the elder, he makes peace with him.


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Garik is a young Ronso who survived the massacre of his race at the hands of Seymour Guado shortly before the defeat of Sin and the start of the Eternal Calm. Garik now seeks revenge on all Guado and leads a rebellion, against the wishes of the new Ronso elder, Kimahri. Yuna can steer the path of the Ronso by speaking to them and answering their concerns with either support, anger, or indifference.

Garik climbs Mt. Gagazet hoping to get guidance from the mountain. Yuna follows and tries to convince him that slaughtering the Guado will not change anything, and she will fight him if need be. Garik agrees that if Yuna can defeat him, then he will rethink his plans. Depending on how Yuna answered the Ronso's questions in the previous two chapters, Garik will either believe that he's still weak and determine to destroy the Guado only if he becomes stronger, or realize that his plan to kill the Guado was wrong. Garik believes the mountain knows of it, which is why it was silent when he had told it of his plan. Garik is grateful to Yuna that she stopped him.

The earlier conversations alter the fight the Gullwings have with Garik at the Gagazet Prominence. If the party decides to not interfere with the Ronso troubles, Yuna will learn Garik has led the Ronso youth to destroy the Guado hiding in the Macalania Woods. Garik tells Kimahri that he is still not satisfied despite having killed every Guado in Spira. If the Gullwings sway Garik, he seeks Kimahri's aid, but when Kimahri cannot answer him, he angrily refuses to call him the elder and leaves.

On the mountain path, Garik punches Kimahri and Yuna confronts him, but stops when Kimahri uppercuts him in retaliation. Garik sarcastically reminds Kimahri of his previous advice that "force does not solve problems," and that he still has no answer. Kimahri retorts that Garik is not even pup, and explains that Lian and Ayde made a long journey to find their own path, and that he must not seek Kimahri for answers, and that every Ronso must find their own path in life. Garik finally understands and the two make peace.

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Garik is an optional boss, fought on Mt. Gagazet in Chapter 3. Mighty Guard can be learned from him as a Blue Bullet command. He also appears in the Fiend Arena as an opponent in the Youth League Cup, alongside two Ronso Youths (although Mighty Guard cannot be learned, as he is immune to confusion).

Creature Creator[]

In the HD Remaster version, Garik can be captured by using an SP pod (humanoid) at Mt. Gagazet (chapter 4/5). Aside from the Attack command, he is recruited knowing MP Blowout, which does large MP damage to an enemy (often up to 9999 at higher levels). This makes him especially useful against Elder Drakes and Chac. He can also learn Mighty Guard by having Protect or Shell cast on him, although, but it cannot be learned as a Blue Bullet this way.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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