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Garif Adventurer is the only enemy to yield the garif in the bestiary in Final Fantasy XII. He is endemic and can only be found in the Greensnake area of the Ozmone Plain. In the BradyGames guide for the PlayStation 2, he is known as Garif Warrior. However, in the game Garif Warrior is is Supinelu.

Garif Adventurer is docile and has several buffs, including Protect and Haste, so unless the party's level is high enough, it is not advisable to approach him.

The player may also find other types of garif roaming this area, in Giza Plains (during the Rains), and just outside Jahara. They can be attacked and killed, but doing so won't add them to the garif file in the bestiary since they are treated as allies rather than enemies.

In the Zodiac versions, two Garif Adventurers are fought alongside War-Chief Supinelu in Trial Mode Stage 53.


How to find Edit

Garif Adventurer is arguably the most annoying enemy in terms of gaining his bestiary file, or completing it totally. He has a small chance of spawning on either the north or the west entrance to the Greensnake.

Garif Adventurer is docile and won't attack unless provoked, in which case he'll hunt the party down until they leave the area. This garif is hostile to the other enemies, especially the Wus, but not the Ozmone Hares, so he's probably present if there's a commotion in the area; therefore if it's a commotion he needs, the player should eliminate all Wus in the Greensnake and the Shred, then zone back and forth between the Greensnake and another zone until it appears, then go two zones away and repeat.

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