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Gargas is a character of War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Known as the Exiled Warrior, he and his older brother Dorando are mercenaries hired to do the dirty work for the Crystal Sanctum. Despite their love for carnage, the brothers have adopted a young boy named Nador, the orphaned son of an acquaintance, who lives in a village on Sanctum grounds.



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Dorando's younger brother, a fiendish mercenary who travels the land doing anything for status and fortune. He believes that foul play is an act of honor, but surprisingly, he pays proper respect to the truly courageous, whether they be friend or foe.

Character description

Gargas is a UR-rarity unit of the Wind element whose main job is Black Mage, while his sub jobs are Kotodama Wielder and Green Mage. He can equip the following items: Staff, Hat, Clothing, Accessory. His unit cost is 80.

His Master Ability increases Wind unit allies' Max HP by 10% and Wind Attack by 15, as well as his own Area Attack Resistance by 5, and decreases both his Non-Attack Ability Activation Time as well as his Attack Ability Activation Time by 200. He has no limit burst.

A respirator designed to stabilize magical power. Deep within Gargas dwells great magical power, but it exists in an unstable state. His magic once ran rampant during his childhood and nearly obliterated his hometown in the process; it was then that a certain figure bestowed him with this respirator. It not only stabilizes magic power but also increases concentration, allowing Gargas to manipulate his power with efficiency.

Arcane Respirator description

His Trust Master Reward is the Arcane Respirator accessory, which bestows HP +302, MAG +60, SPR +8 and the Demonic Roar ability, which raises Magic ATK of allies within are around self for 3 turns.

Vision cards[]

Memories of Apples

Memories of Apples.

Known as savages for their crude behavior and love of indiscriminate butchery, Dorando and Gargas would kill anyone without hesitation. Yet even these two have a side they show to none. In a certain village lives a young boy called Nador—the son left behind with the passing of someone to whom Dorando and Gargas were indebted. The two doted on him as if he were their own child. It is not hard to imagine they shared a small piece of happiness as they chatted idly together, munching on their favorite apples.

Vision card description

Memories of Apples is an MR-rarity vision card with a cost of 50. At Lv. 70, its stats are HP +243, ATK +104, MAG +52 and DEX +20. Its Party Abilities are Acquired AP Up 30% and Earth Unit Critical Evasion Up 15. Its Bestowed Effect is Critical Hit Rate Up 15. Its Limited Bestowed Effects are DEF Piercing Rate Up 20, DEF Up 15 and Move Up 1 for Dorando only, as well as MAG Up 30%, SPR Piercing Rate Up 20 and Reduces Attack Ability Activation Time 200 for Gargas only. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.