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The Gargant.

The Gargant (ガルガント, Garuganto?) is a large mole-cricket-like insect from Final Fantasy IX, which is about the size of a small car. The gargant of Gargan Roo is tame and utilized as transport, but the gargant of Fossil Roo is not. Both crawl along the roots of the Iifa Tree, hanging upside down through tunnels, carrying its passengers either on its back (Fossil Roo gargant), or in a carriage that hangs from its back (Gargan Roo gargant). They dislike water, which the player uses to their advantage while in Fossil Roo, using switches to direct water flow and thus alter the gargant's course along the Iifa roots.

It is called by feeding it dandelion type flowers known as Gargant Grass. Despite its size, it can be spooked by even bigger monsters, such as the Ralvurahva. It is used several times during the story in Gargan Roo and later Fossil Roo. The player's party is safe from enemies while riding the Gargant; although, there are bosses in Gargan Roo.

Zidane implies that there are wild Gargants in Gaia wherever there is Gargant Grass, as he suggests catching one and using it to climb the Iifa Tree, having seen the plant nearby.

Tetra Master[]

Tetra Master
Location: Drops from Dracozombies and Ralvuimago
Won from Card Freak Cil in Treno, and Genome (Inn) in Black Mage Village.