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Gargan Roo is an ancient transport network used on the Mist Continent in Gaia in Final Fantasy IX.

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The party rides a gargant.

Gargan Roo is a network of roots from the colossal Iifa Tree, which flows through underground tunnels. The passengers ride in a carriage that hangs from the back of a giant insect, called the Gargant, that is called by feeding it flowers that resemble large dandelions.

Doctor Tot's mansion in Treno contains a secret entrance to Gargan Roo, which he shows the party after giving them the Supersoft. Tot explains the system of levers that controls the Gargant's path between Treno and Alexandria Castle.

The Gargant can be spooked the monsters spawned by the underground Mist. Many of the monsters are giant insects or arthropods. The party encounters Ralvurahva when it spooks their Gargant before escaping the subsequent battle. Later, the Ralvuimago intercepts the Gargant on its journey back. Though defeated, the Ralvuimago chases the Gargant into accelerating past the Treno Station, crashing and isolating the party at Pinnacle Rocks.

There is another Gargant tunnel called Fossil Roo, which allows travel between the Mist Continent and the Outer Continent.

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The entrance.

Down the ladder from Treno, Doctor Tot explains that in order to summon the Gargant the party must find the sequence trigger.

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The sequence trigger.

Through the left passage there are two chests yielding a Chain Plate and a Phoenix Down. Pull the lever at the end of the passage and return to the entrance.

Platform Edit


Platform to board the gragant.

Doctor Tot will explain this form of public transport, and that the gargant will continuously circle the station until it is stopped. Move to the bottom and interact with the feed, to lower food to stop the gargant.

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The switch point.

Use the switch to release the gargant.

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Blu Mag Edit

Quina can eat the Dragonfly to learn Matra Magic.

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A battle background in Gargan Roo.

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The theme of Gargan Roo is also known as "Ancient Passageway".

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The French word rue, pronounced more or less like "roo", means "street". "Roo" may actually be a variation of "root", as the passages of Gargan Roo were carved out by Iifa roots.

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