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Gardenia Slums

Gardenia Slums (ガーデンガーデン スラム街, Gādengāden Suramu Machi?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's inhabited by many members of the Desert Moon. Below Gardenia Slums is the secret Hideout of Desert Moon.


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When the Warriors of Darkness enter this location after receiving Matoya's guide, Azhar tells them that they cannot meet their leader unless they gain the trust of at least four people in the slums. There are five people here need help:

After gaining people trust, they talk to a man in a tent and he let them go and meet Azhar again. Azhar tells them that he still doesn't trust them. He told them to go to Gardenia Pub again and the password is Desert Rose. The Warriors then leave Gardenia Slums and head back to Gardenia.
While the warriors and Matoya are attacking the Imperial Forward Camp, the Desert Moon members here are attacked by imperial soldiers. While Matoya and the warriors get back, most people are already dead. They finish the traitor, bar Owner, and listen to Azhar's last words to Matoya. The Warriors offer to help Matoya fight against the empire. Then they go outside and see an airship fly over. They leave the place and head to Underground Fort.
In chapter 4, a Dark Matter can be obtained here after fighting some imperial soldiers.

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Item Price
Elixir Earn the trust from all 5 people in the slums.
Dark Matter Defeat all the imperial soldiers. (Chapter 4)