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Gardenia (歓楽街ガーデンガーデン, Kanrakugai Gādengāden?) is a desert town in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is located to the north of Kaklim Desert and the east of Gardenia Slums. Matoya, leader of the Desert Moon, is a dancer here. Gardenia is also famous for casinos and gambling games.


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Gardenia seen from the Worldmap.

The Mask talks with Matoya who came to visit to Gardenia. The Warriors of Darkness travel to Gardenia, where they find The Mask at a local pub, but none of them actually know him. They ask the bar Owner about the Desert Moon, who tells them not to talk about it.

Matota's peformance.

Meanwhile, Matoya's show begins. A local guy here tells the team that this is the fourth person to take Matoya name. After the show end, the Warriors ask Matoya about Desert Moon. She tells them "the sun set in the west, while the moon dot rise in its wake" and that they will have to find the moon themselves. Graham thinks it's a code and tells the team to head west, to Gardenia Slums.
After talking to Azhar, the warriors come back and tell the owner password, which is Desert Rose. Then Matoya walks out of her room, says that the warriors are making noise and she couldn't sleep. Alba realizes that Matoya is Desert Moon's leader. Then she invites them to her room. The Warriors tell her the password. She compliments them in gaining people trust and reveals that her age is 118 now. The Warriors then ask for aid from the Desert Moon. Matoya, who hasn't trust them yet, tells them to go to the imperial camp and assault it.
After receiving a warning from an injured members of the Desert Moon in Forest Hut, the warriors go to Matoya's room in the pub and access a secret passage to Beneath Gardenia.
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Item Place
Phoenix Down Pot (Inn)
Remedy Basket (on the top right corner)
Cottage Crate (on the left)
1 Casino Coin Crate
4 Casino Coins Pot (house on the right)
8 Casino Coins Crate (house on the left)
1000 Gil Pot (Items Shop)


Lower tier shops[]


Item Price
Potion 30
Hi-Potion 150
Phoenix Down 200
Golden Needle 400
Ether 1500
Maiden's Kiss 60
Mallet 80
Echo Grass 50
Eye Drops 30
Antidote 40
Tent 200
Cottage 800
Scared Cande 100


Item Price
Kris 4500
Coral Sword 7000
Dark Sword 5000
Partisan 6500
Mythril Axe 5500
Hell Claws 6000
Cleric's Staff 5500
Prism Rod 5200
Flame Bow 4400
Ice Bow 4400
Lightning Bow 4400
Dream Harp 4900
Sleipnir 5700


Item Price
Tower Shield 4000
Officer's Hat 2700
Cleric's Hat 3000
Barbut 3200
Justaucorps 4000
Cleric's Robe 4500
Brigandine 4850
Mythril Armlets 2000
Mythril Bangle 1800

White Magic[]

Item Price
Cura 700
Protect 700
Raise 700
Basuna 1500
Confuse 1500
Teleport 1500

Black Magic[]

Item Price
Thundara 700
Fira 700
Blizzara 700
Drain 1500
Break 1500
Bio 1500

Upper tier shops[]

The upper tier shops are accessible after the event at Imperial Forward Camp.


Item Price
Potion 30
Hi-Potion 150
Phoenix Down 200
Golden Needle 400
Ether 1500
Maiden's Kiss 60
Mallet 80
Echo Grass 50
Eye Drops 30
Antidote 40
Tent 200
TentCottage 200
Scared Cande 100


Item Price
Air Knife 5800
Ogrenix 8300
Shadow Blade 8100
Wind Spear 8000
Death Sickle 8800
Ice Knuckles 7300
Cypress Pole 72005500
Poison Rod 7000
Dark Bow 7600
Marchen Harp 8200
Red Scorpio 9300


Item Price
Gold Shield 5500
Tiger Mask 4500
Gold-spun Hat 4750
Gold Helm 4800
Gold Hauberk 5200
Gold-spun Robe 5600
Gold Armor 6000
Gauntlet 3800
Rune Bangle 3500

White Magic[]

Item Price
Curaja 3000
Blink 3000
Shell 3000

Black Magic[]

Item Price
Osmose 3000
Stop 3000
Tornado 3000

The Inn charges 300 per night.


The Casino.

There is a casino in Gardenia, where player can earn coins and exchange them for prizes like items and equipment pieces.

Slot Machine[]

Slot Machine.

The slot machine is done automatically, the player just has to pay the necessary coins. There are slot machines costs 1 coin, 10 coins and 100 coins. To win the game, 3 pictures should appear the same when the machine stops spinning.

High & Low[]

High and Low.

The game has a value of 1 coin or 5 coins. The game consists of guessing the down card is higher or lower than it is face up. Every time the card is correct current amount of coins is doubled, but if the guess is incorrect all won money is lost.

Mental Breakdown Dimensions[]

Mental Breakdown Dimensions.

It is a memory game where the player flips two cards equal choice to win. There are four attempts and if the player gets all the cards, a bonus is obtained. The game also special effects:

  • Four Warriors of Darkness: +1 attempt.
  • Moogle: +1 attempt.
  • Four Generals: Performs a negative effect.
  • Treasure Chest: You get coins.
  • Dancer: Avoid one negative effect.

Chocobo Race Track[]

Chocobo race.

Four chocobos will compete in a race around the track. Bet 100 coins and try to predict which one will win. The chocobo's speed and chocobo combinations determine the player if your chocobo wins.

The player's wager will be multiplied by the odds placed on them; fast chocobos will have lower multipliers, and slower ones will have higher multipliers. These statistics can be read by talking to the guy by the counter about 'Chocobo Information'. Despite the odds there is plenty random chance involved, and winning takes luck.

If the player wins a race they can use all the coins earned to bet on another chocobo and consistently betting and winning on chocobos will raise one's coin amount like no other game in the casino.

Casino Prizes[]

Chapter 3[]

Item Coins
X-Potion 300
White Dress 500
Dirty Magazine 1000
Giant Fang 2000
Damascus Ore 5000
Chocobo Suit 10000
Bauble Band 30000
Pink Tail 50000
Queen's Whip 100000

Chapter 4[]

Item Coins
Chocobo doll 1500
Moogle doll 1500
Cactuar doll 1500
Sol doll 3000
Aigis doll 3000
Dusk doll 3000
Sarah doll 3000
Nacht doll 3000
Alba doll 3000
Diana doll 3000
Glaive doll 3000
Jukebox 150000

A casino coin can be bought for 20 Gil.