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All of you are members of SeeD, but... nevertheless, you're still students at this Garden. Furthermore, because you are SeeDs, you must set an example to all others and abide by the Garden's rules. Understood!?

Balamb Garden Faculty

The Garden Faculty are non-player characters in Final Fantasy VIII. They are the Garden personnel responsible for the administration and overseeing conduct and ethics. Of the three Gardens, only the faculties of Balamb Garden and Trabia Garden are denoted, with the former's faculty being the most prominent.


Balamb Garden[]

A Balamb Garden faculty member during their rebellion against Cid Kramer.

The Garden Faculty of Balamb Garden play a significant role in the first part of the game. While technically the term can be applied to both faculty and instructors (Aki, Quistis, Xu) the Garden Faculty wear a unique and distinctive garment that offsets them from the uniform worn by the instructors; dressed in white and red robes with a yellow, face-covering headgear. Garden Faculty work to uphold the Garden rules as well as managing the day-to-day businesses, but their more direct role is to act as the Garden Master NORG's representatives. The Garden Faculty urge students to ignore any GF criticism they may hear from other organizations, hiding the truth of the amnesia effect use of it has.

The faculty are often witnessed clashing with the headmaster by interrupting him, speaking for him, and behaving skeptically toward the Forest Owls mission Cid apparently has accepted without the faculty's approval. The instances lead the player to believe that the two sides do not get along. During the Garden riot NORG attempts to take the establishment over from Headmaster Cid and the faculty attempts to gather and execute all SeeDs by releasing monsters around the Garden. After their failure, a truce is made, and the faculty continue to act in an imperious way until NORG is defeated, following which the faculty disappear from the Garden altogether. Afterward, some students at the library comment that with the faculty's departure they can finally order books by request.

Trabia Garden[]

Just tell yourself there are people less fortunate than you are. There are millions of people in this world who are.

Trabia Faculty

The Faculty of Trabia Garden dress in olive-green military jumpsuits. A single Trabia Faculty member is heard advising the party not to force their misfortune upon others. A Trabia student afterward forces said Faculty to donate for the Garden's restoration.


The Garden Faculty are seen in battles during the Balamb Garden Revolt. If the player goes to most of the areas of the Garden, there will be one to battle. They appear in battle with other enemies, then use a single line of speech and fade from battle.