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Garchimacera is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Costlemark Tower, as well as during the A Precious Source of Power and World of Ruin main quests and Help Needed in EXINERIS hunt.

A triad of Lv.23 garchimaceras fights in Cleigne Crossroads in Totomostro during the daytime under the team name EXINERIS Occupation.


Daemon with vestigial wings affixed to its back, akin to the imp. Nocturnal pack activity is rampant in Lucis. For causes unknown, packs are in the habit of gathering around electric generators, on one occasion nearly overrunning the EXINERIS Power Plant after congregating en masse.
Size: 6.13 ft. Weight: 114.8 lb.
Due to serious garchimacera infestations almost leading to the destruction of the EXINERIS facility, Lestallum's primary power supplier now vigilantly eliminates any such threats in the vicinity. Those trespassers that do still appear are somewhat stronger than the ones who learned their lesson.
Size: 6.16 ft. Weight: 119.7 lb.


Help Needed in EXINERISLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Garchimacera x8EXINERIS Power Plant (Nighttime)243,540 gil, Megalixir★★





Garchimacera's attacks deal physical damage. It is nimble and pounces on the player, clawing at them. Its uppercut attack may knock the player off their feet. It appears in groups and is weak to one-handed swords, shields, fire and light and resists lightning. Garchimacera is not particularly notable, but taking the hunt on a group of them lets the player visit the EXINERIS Industries power plant in Lestallum. In Chapter 14 the player will encounter a roomful of them in the ruins of Galdin Quay, and they will all attack Noctis at once.


The player faces a group of garchimaceras at the Lestallum power plant. Throwing fire elemancy is safe, seeing that everyone will be wearing Thermal Suits that will block fire damage. Prompto's Gravisphere can deal good damage to the group of them, as well.

Garchimacra in Ch14 from FFXV.png

In Chapter 14 fighting the garchimaceras is optional, as the player could simply not enter the hotel room. An easy way to deal with them is to again throw some fire-elemental elemancy at them, hurting the group at once, and there are no party members who could suffer from "friendly fire". If fighting among them, the player can keep the defense button pressed and wait for a parry.

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