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Ganymede is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in the Fociaugh Hollow maze and during the Cruel Giants of Duscae hunt.


An iron giant boasting a unique hue and powerful abilities. Despite the impressive bounty on its armored head, this particular variant is so rare that hunters have only undertaken a single unsuccessful campaign to track it down near the Disc of Cauthess.
Size: 18.93 ft. Weight: 9.64 t
This giant lurks deep inside Fociaugh Hollow. Hunters have launched an investigation to determine whether the ganymede bears any relation to the iron giant spotted around the Disc of Cauthess, but they have yet to reach a definitive conclusion.
Size: 18.93 ft. Weight: 9.64 t


Cruel Giants of DuscaeCauthess Rest Area8
Red Hunt Icon.png
Ganymede x3Kettier Highland (Nighttime)6523,730 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★





Ganymede picks the player up.

Ganymede uses physical attacks. It is like the iron giants but stronger, able to pick up the player in its fist and squeeze, and to conjure a gravity sphere that sucks the party towards itself while simultaneously dealing damage. Attacking the giant's hand as it prepares for a gravity attack will cancel it and possibly topple the enemy. It swipes its colossal sword in a wide arc dealing damage in front of it, and can slam its sword to the ground, dealing damage to everything around the impact zone. When vulnerable, the ganymede kneels and momentarily stops attacking.

It is weak to greatswords, shields and light. It is strong and the player must defeat three of them for a hunt. If the hunt battle continues until the day breaks the giants start to take damage from sunlight. Ganymede can be poisoned.

Aranea has a chance to join in on the hunt.


Three of the beasts are faced in a Rank 8 hunt. The player can temporarily weaken them with Prompto's Starshell. Gladiolus's Impulse can deal great damage in a range.

Royal arms can be used to bypass the giants' strong defense, such as the Blade of the Mystic and the Trident of the Oracle that have powerful warp-strikes. Armiger and Armiger Unleashed are useful whenever available.

Ganymede with Prompto's machine gun in FFXV.png

The giants like to stay in the middle of the crater, so the player can character-swap to Prompto and go to the edge and attack from a distance with the grenades and machine gun to stay out of harm's way.



In Greek mythology, Ganymede is a divine hero whose homeland was Troy. Ganymede is also the largest moon in the Solar System.

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