The Gancanagh Ace is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

It appears with its minion Gancanaghs; the player will almost always prefer to destroy the Gancanagh Ace first in order to prevent it from increasing the stats of the other enemies.

While the related Goblin and Moblin enemies will promote themselves to the elite version upon the death of their Goblin Leaders or Major Moblins, Gancanaghs are unable to use Rise to Power in order to transform themselves into Aces.

The exception to the rule of killing the Ace first is, for example, parties with the 500+ Strength Munchkin or 1100+ Strength Chichu, and no creatures with more than half as much Magic. These parties will kill most or all of the Moblins very quickly, leaving fewer left to buff than the halved-Physical Ace would have time to buff before he died.

Paradigm Pack[edit | edit source]

The Gancanagh Ace is a Synergist. It only learns offensive spells, and only Faith, Faithga and some En- spells. Thus, it is useful when it comes to fighting monsters with a weakness to Magic damage. Instead of infusing Bravery into it, acquire its counterpart, the mechanical caster of Bravery and Bravega, Thexteron.

Monster stats[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Level Type Infuse
Faith Initial Command Y
Enaero Initial Command Y
Feral Speed II 4 Passive Y
Enfrost 6 Command Y
Veil 12 Command Y
Resist Deshell: +66% 20 Passive Y
Resist Deprotect: +44% 28 Passive Y
Veilga 34 Command Y
Item Collector 40 Passive Y

Etymology[edit | edit source]

A Gancanagh (from Irish: Gean Cánach meaning "love talker") is a male faerie in Irish mythology that is known for seducing human women.

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