Use Gambler skills.
—In-Game "Help" Description.

Gamble (ギャンブル, Gyanburu?) is a command in Final Fantasy X-2 mostly associated with the Lady Luck dressphere.

List of abilitiesEdit

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Two Dice 20 4 Damage one enemy by rolling two dice. None Two Dice FFX-2
Four Dice 100 8 Damage all enemies by rolling four dice.*(Can be lethal when in critical health and with Cat Nip equipped (only in the original version, since in the updated versions Cat Nip comes equiped with Berserk making it impossible to use Techniques).) Two Dice FFX-2 Four Dice
Attack Reels Initial Spin slots to deal physical damage. None FFX-2 Attack Reels
Magic Reels 70 Spin slots to deal magical damage. Attack Reels FFX-2 Magic Reels
Item Reels 80 Spin slots to trigger various item skills. Magic Reels FFX-2 Item Reels
Random Reels 120 Spin slots to trigger various skills. Item Reels FFX-2 Random Reels
Luck 30 8 Raise the user's Luck. None FFX-2 Luck Ability
Felicity 40 8 Raise the party's Luck. Luck FFX-2 Felicity
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