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Galvanade is a common enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Costlemark Tower and the Keycatrich Trench maze, and during the World of Ruin main quest. It is a bomb-type daemon.


Maelstrom incarnate raging in Costlemark and Keycatrich. Merely weathering the storm is not enough, as this daemon uses self-destruction as a form of reproduction, spawning thunder bomb offspring in its wake.
Size: 4.95 ft. Weight: 2,133.8 lb.



Thunderbombs manifest from miasma from FFXV

Galvanades manifesting.

Like all bomb-type enemies, the galvanade continually grows (though attacking it will briefly prevent it from growing). Upon reaching its maximum size, it will charge the party and explode causing massive damage to everyone, and leaving behind another galvanade and three weaker thunder bombs. Occasionally, the galvanade can grow before combat is initiated. Its attacks deal magical lightning-elemental damage. It is weak to machinery and firearms.


In dungeons where the galvanade appears, Noctis's Armiger should ideally be saved for when fighting several of them. It is possible to keep two of them from exploding by alternating attacks between them. Galvanades can be destroyed in seconds with the Ring of the Lucii, but it can be difficult to wield successfully against multiple creatures.

Bomb-type enemies deal magical damage, and thus because galvanades' attacks and explosion are lightning-based, their threat can be removed by eating meals that provide a temporary buff that nullifies fire, ice, and lightning attacks: Steamed Crab with Rock Salt at Galdin Quay, Maagho Lasagna at Altissia, and Grilled Mighty Barramundi, Lasagna al Forno and Oak-Smoked Devil Gar at camp, for perfect immunity, or Green Smoothie at Wiz Chocobo Post for 90% damage reduction. The player can also equip lightning resistance accessories to mitigate damage.


  • The official guide erroneously lists bomb-type enemies as dropping elemental protection accessories rather than car paint pigment materials.

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