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Galuf Halm Baldesion,[1] also known as Galuf Doe,[2][3][note 1] is a playable character in Final Fantasy V. He is the king of Castle of Bal and was one of the four Dawn Warriors from his world who sealed Exdeath thirty years ago. Galuf came to Bartz's world and became a Light Warrior. Galuf is also the grandfather of Krile Mayer Baldesion.

When Galuf joins the party having arrived on a meteorite, he suffers amnesia and does not remember his full purpose. Galuf's jovial attitude and combat prowess make him a great fit for the Light Warriors, and partway through his quest, he remembers his origin from another world and his quest to defeat Exdeath. At this point, he offers brings experience and perspective to the group in their quest.


Before Final Fantasy V[]

Galuf and his fellow Warriors of Dawn sealing Exdeath.

It is unknown whether Galuf became king before or after being a Dawn Warrior. Galuf was a Dawn Warrior along with Xezat Matias Surgate, Kelger Vlondett, and Dorgann Klauser. When the warlock Exdeath broke from a centuries-long seal placed on him by Sage Ghido, thirty years prior to the events of Final Fantasy V,[4] Exdeath wreaked havoc on Galuf's world,[5] causing the Dawn Warriors to respond.

Galuf and the Dawn Warriors eventually followed Exdeath to Bartz's world and beat him. However, they were unable to destroy him entirely, and were only able to contain him by sealing him. Though the other Dawn Warriors objected to sealing Exdeath away in another world, Dorgann insisted there was no alternative and offered to stay behind. Galuf accepted Dorgann's wishes and the four united to seal Exdeath there, leaving Dorgann behind, but expressed some guilt.[6]

At some point, Krile's parents, shortly after she was born, left the castle in search of the last wind drake, but were lost in the Gloceana Desert.[7] Galuf and Krile became closer as a result.

Around the beginning of Final Fantasy V, Galuf sensed Exdeath's return and traveled to Bartz's world via meteorite,[6] with others (including Krile) to follow shortly after.

Final Fantasy V[]

Galuf's meteorite crash-landed near Castle Tycoon, and he suffered a blow to the head that resulted in amnesia. He was found by Bartz Klauser (unaware at the time Bartz was Dorgann's son) and Princess Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, but had forgotten his identity. He nonetheless felt an affinity to Lenna's quest to the Wind Shrine and chose to accompany her.[8] Searching for a way there, the three came across a pirate ship able to move without wind in a nearby hideout, Galuf waiving Lenna's plan to request a ride in favor of stealing the vessel. They failed to commandeer the ship and were captured by the pirate captain, Faris Scherwiz, with Galuf claiming to have forgotten the misadventure was his idea.[9]

Faris had a change of heart and joined them and the group reached the Wind Shrine, only to see the wind crystal shatter and King Alexander Highwind Tycoon vanish as the crystals chose Galuf, Bartz, Lenna, and Faris as the new Light Warriors.[10] In an effort to save the other crystals, they next traveled to Walse, home of the water crystal, passing through the Ship Graveyard on the way. When the monster Siren ensnared the party by presenting them illusions of their loved ones, Galuf did not recognize Siren's illusion of Krile at all, and was able to save the others by snapping them out of their trance.[11] Upon reaching Walse, after another meteorite landed near Walse Tower, the tower was attacked by a possessed Garula, with a soldier from Bal of Galuf's world[note 2] trying to stop the crystal shattering before it did, sinking the tower.

Following a warp point in the Walse meteorite allowed them to travel to the Karnak meteorite, which a werewolf named Tsuze from Quelb in Galuf's world had come in to protect the fire crystal. When they arrived at Karnak, the group was accused of being in cahoots with Tsuze, allowing them to meet Cid Previa, the engineer who invented crystal amplification devices, in jail. Cid convinced the chancellor to release them and join him in protecting the fire crystal, where they met Tsuze. Tsuze addressed Galuf as "Sir Galuf", confusing Galuf and causing Galuf to question his identity again, and Tsuze died trying to keep the party save, calling Galuf their "only hope".[12]

Galuf bidding farewell before returning to his world.

Cid fell into depression following the fire crystal's shattering, causing the party to seek Mid Previa, Cid's grandson. Seeing Cid with his grandson reminded Galuf of Krile, and reawakened many of Galuf's memories: he remembered hailing from another world, and having come to stop the warlock Exdeath from being freed from a seal.[6] The party's quest eventually lead them to the Ronka Ruins, a floating structure where the earth crystal was being held. Requiring adamantite to reach Ronka, Galuf remembered there was some left in the meteorite he landed in, and jokingly boasted how clear his memory was.[13]

Upon reaching the ruins, the party found a possessed King Tycoon ready to attack them. Galuf and Bartz moved to retaliate, with Lenna and Faris blocking them. At that moment, Krile, arriving in another meteorite, cast a spell breaking King Tycoon from his trance. Nonetheless, the crystal shattered and Exdeath became free, taunting Galuf and attacking the party, before being repelled by King Tycoon's sacrifice. Galuf and Krile resolved to return to their world to fight Exdeath, forbidden Bartz, Lenna, and Faris from joining them as Krile's meteorite only had the energy for a one-way trip.[14]

Galuf led a siege across the Big Bridge against Castle Exdeath, unaware that Exdeath had finished building a barrier that could crush his army.[15] However, he was forced to halt when Exdeath displayed that the three were being held hostage, and rushed in alone to rescue them, fighting Gilgamesh to free them from their cells.[16] After another battle with Gilgamesh across the Big Bridge, Exdeath reactivated the barrier, flinging the Light Warriors to the continent of Gloceana. Bartz apologized to Galuf there and Galuf lightheartedly berated them for following him, before admitting quietly he was glad to see them again.[17]

In the town of Regole later, Galuf talked to Bartz again and reassured him that their arrival hadn't ruined his plans, and had by accident saved his army from being crushed by the barrier.[15] The party traveled to the Moogle Village where Krile picked them up via wind drake and returned them to the Castle of Bal. The Light Warriors, especially Bartz, were taken with surprise upon learning Galuf was a king, but Galuf downplayed his royalty and asked not to be thought of differently.[18] On the way to Drakenvale to search for dragon grass to heal the wind drake, Galuf reunited up with Kelger, where they both deduced that Bartz was the son of Dorgann based on Bartz's ability to intercept Kelger's lupine attack. Kelger was bedridden as a result of attempting the attack, and Galuf expressed great concern for his health.[19]

Galuf's final battle.

The party were then called by Sage Ghido,[20] before Ghido's cave was sunk, temporarily pausing their progress. Instead, Galuf reunited with another Dawn Warrior, Xezat, with whom the he reminisced and commiserated over the troubles of kinghood.[21] Galuf joined Xezat's campaign to remove the barrier around Castle Exdeath, using his fleet of warships as a distraction while his submarine allowed them to sneak onto the barrier tower. Once there, however, the group split up with the Light Warriors reaching the top and Xezat stuck in the basement. Upon realizing Xezat had knowingly sacrificed himself this way, Galuf was visibly distraught and heartbroken, and refused to accept that Xezat was gone until Bartz knocked him unconscious to drag him away.[22]

Using the subarmine, the party met up with Sage Ghido, who explained Exdeath's history to the Light Warriors and directed them to the Great Forest of Moore. There, the Light Warriors found the Guardian Tree that contained the crystals of this world, and the seals around the crystals attacked them. As the Light Warriors defeated the seals, Exdeath mocked them for helping his plans and seized their power, holding each of them in place. Krile arrived to help free Exdeath, but Exdeath simply trapped her in a ring of fire. At the sight of his granddaughter under attack, Galuf overcame the crystal's power and freed her, shattering the crystal in the process. Galuf then battled Exdeath on his own, outlasting many of Exdeath's incredibly powerful spells, distressing him. As Exdeath declared that no amount of hatred could defeat him, Galuf replied that he did not fight with anger or hatred, causing Exdeath to flee with the crystals.[23]

Galuf, the Warriors of Dawn, and King Tycoon's spirits appear before the final battle.

Galuf collapsed after the fact as the other four were free. The party attempted to cure him with Curaga, Raise, Phoenix Down, and Elixir to no avail, and Galuf simply passed away. His spirit used the power of the Guardian Tree to speak to Krile, telling her to fight in his stead, and assured that he will always be in her heart. Galuf granted her his strength and abilities, and Krile succeeded Galuf as the Light Warrior of the earth crystal.[23]

Galuf's spirit keeps assisting the party by contacting Krile. When the party faced Neo Exdeath in a final battle, Galuf and the other Dawn Warriors, along with King Tycoon, aided the Light Warriors escape from the Interdimensional Rift.[note 3]



Galuf Freelancer from FFV SD art.png

Galuf is the oldest party member and one of the first older male warrior characters in the Final Fantasy series, a role succeeded by characters like Cyan Garamonde and Auron in later games.

Galuf has auburn hair and a beard in his field sprite, and white hair and a mustache in his Yoshitaka Amano artwork and menu portrait. His Amano artwork depicts him keeping his white hair tied at the back. Galuf's clothing is yellow and green in his field sprite, but his Amano artwork portrays him with black clothes with golden ornaments and a red sash, along with a shield on his back. His CG render from the Anthology release follows this appearance.


Exdeath: Fool! All the hatred in existence would never be enough to defeat me!
Galuf: This...isn't anger...isn't's...
Galuf when facing down Exdeath, Final Fantasy V Advance § Great Forest of Moore

Galuf's crystal represents hope, the essence of earth.[10] Galuf is indomitable, irreverent, and jovial. He frequently cracks jokes and makes bad puns,[18] often making light-hearted jabs at the expense of both himself[13] and the other Light Warriors.[11] Galuf is also normally brash and rarely sentimental, as seen when he light-heartedly berated the Light Warriors for following him to his world, before quietly admitting he was happy they had.[17] Galuf is broadly not overly proud, brushing off thanks[11] and downplaying his status as a king.[18] Much like the other Light Warriors, Galuf is courageous and impulsive, never stopping before acting.

Galuf's defining trait is his love of both his Light and Dawn Warrior companions, as well as his granddaughter. Galuf feels immense guilt at the sacrifices of the Dawn Warriors, showing great concern for Kelger overexerting himself,[19] and being immensely distressed by Xezat's sacrifice, refusing to accept Xezat's death at first.[22] Galuf's love of his companions continues to the Light Warriors when he fiercely defends them against Siren after knowing them a few hours,[11] forbids them from following him to his world out of concern they won't be able to return to theirs,[14] and then later calls off a siege and rushes into Castle Exdeath alone to save his companions.[16] It then leads to a sacrifice of his own, mirroring his Dawn Warrior companions; against Exdeath in the Forest of Moore, Galuf pushes himself far beyond his limits to battle Exdeath alone if it means saving the Light Warriors and his granddaughter, telling Exdeath he is driven by an emotion more powerful than hatred, implying his driving force was love.[23]

Krile, Galuf's granddaughter, is his pride and joy. Their relationship is similar to Relm and Strago's relationship in Final Fantasy VI; as with them, Krile seems to look out for Galuf as much as he does for her.


As a Dawn Warrior, Galuf's abilities were unknown. Though the warriors were capable of sealing Exdeath in Bartz's world, they were not capable of destroying Exdeath,[19] and lacked access to the Sealed Tome and thus also to the sealed weapons, suggesting they were overall weaker.

As a Light Warrior, Galuf has access to all the jobs, learned from the the crystal fragments which store powers of warriors of legend.[10] His true strength was shown in his final battle against Exdeath in which he showed immense resilience to Exdeath's powerful magic. During this time, in-gameplay, Galuf's HP will fall below 0, but he will not be KO'd and will continue fighting. However, after the fact, the party attempted Curaga, Raise, Phoenix Down, and Elixir to cure him, to no avail.[23]


Galuf is in the party for most of the game, but is absent for one quest in which multiple bosses are fought. As such, it may be beneficial to train another character on whatever path the player progresses Galuf on (for instance, it is not wise to make him the sole healer). Galuf has the highest raw Stamina stat—used in calculating his HP—as well as high Strength—affecting his damage output.

Midway through the game, Krile takes over Galuf's roles. Krile has different stats, instead geared toward her Magic and Agility (affecting spellcasting/MP and turn rate respectively).


Each playable character has slightly different base attributes. These differences will make characters perform slightly better at some jobs than others, although they are ultimately negligible, as equipment and abilities are of higher importance. If choosing to base jobs on characters' innate stats, however, Galuf's having the highest raw Stamina and Strength make him geared toward physical damage, but will be less beneficial when Krile eventually takes over, meaning it is better to build around her stats instead.

Strength Agility Stamina Magic
Default 27 24 28 24
Highest[note 4] 53 40 54 57

Musical themes[]

Galuf's theme is considered to be "Four Dawn Warriors", which plays during major scenes with Galuf, Dorgann, Xezat, and Kelger, during Bal's attack on Castle Exdeath, and inside the Phoenix Tower.

Other appearances[]

Galuf has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series:

Mentions and cameos[]

A Final Fantasy XII airship named the Galuf-Val is named after Galuf. Val is an alternate romanisation for Galuf's home, the Castle of Bal. The airship was shot down by the Sky Fortress Bahamut in the Battle above Rabanastre.

Galuf, along with the other Dawn Warriors, has a trophy/achievement named after him in Final Fantasy XIII, "Galuf's Grail". It is earned by completing all Cie'th Stone missions.

Final Fantasy XIV features a character named Galuf Baldesion inspired by Galuf. He is the leader of the Students of Baldesion based on the the Isle of Val. As a young man his group consisted of a group very similar to the Dawn Warriors. He is mostly shown in flashbacks and echo visions, particularly in The Forbidden Land, Eureka The Forbidden Land, Eureka questline. His granddaughter, Krile Mayer Baldesion features prominently in both that questline and the Main Story Quests for Stormblood and Endwalker expansions.

Behind the scenes[]

Galuf's full name initially given as Galuf Doe in Final Fantasy V Kiso Chishiki-hen, a starter guide to Final Fantasy V. It was only until the release of the first volume of the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Ultimania that his full name was revealed to be Galuf Halm Baldesion.[24]



Halm is an alternate spelling of haulm, meaning plant stem. Halm has also been reported as an anglo-saxon surname often associated with heardspeople, assumed to have been derived from temporary coverings or helms. Halm may also also come from Middle High German halm, meaning handle, or the Old High German halm, meaning straw or reed.

Baldesion is a derivative of Bal. Bal or Val is the kingdom which Galuf rules in Final Fantasy V.



  1. Galuf is referred to as "Galuf Doe" in early materials as well as the Final Fantasy V Advance manual, because Doe is regularly used as a placeholder name to identify individuals whose names are unknown, including people suffering from retrograde amnesia.
  2. The soldier in Walse Tower's crystal room trying to stop Garula has the same orange armor as those from the Castle of Bal, as opposed to the Castle Walse soldiers who wear blue armor.
  3. If any of the Light Warriors are KO'd in the battle against Neo Exdeath, in the final scene, Galuf restores them to the world of the living when the Light Warriors later visit the Guardian Tree.
  4. The highest stats are obtained by mastering the job with the highest of that stat modifier. Monk has the highest Strength and Stamina modifier, Thief has the highest Agility modifier, and Summoner has the highest Magic modifier.


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